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Perfect Wife
Page created 5/17/09

I went looking for the City,
my beautiful wives were all still
there, mismatched by ages and
other scenes, most of them were
not for me. Some were in grade
school, some in nursing homes,
most had given up poetry and
poets and watched "Desperate
Lives" of hopeless wives.

I had to laugh--it happened I had
with me the "Valve" connected
to flower power--an early form
of hope once espoused in the
erotic Sixties. But no one uses
flower power any more, but mine
has a philosophical adapter. It is
connected to the mind and has
a "faith bypass system". You do
not have to believe it works.

You do not need to believe in life,
or in yourself. The immortality
default is set on You. I sprayed
Scent of Roses on a tight lipped
woman who defiantly said nothing,
except, "I am busy!" I did not say,
"Busy, but dead." I am more polite
than that. I sprayed her with
Morning in the Garden
just at the
moment when heaven was
downsized and angels
were laid off.

The Ambrosial Singers Union
was on their own. But that did
not stop them. What they sang
became real and for months
the evolution of insects and
other life forms burgeoned
and teemed. Thousands
of forms of frogs and birds
and flowers and plants
cluttered up the universe.

More space, more space,
the animals cried out. Well okay,
then, eat each other; keep the
spaces less crowded.
Such was
war invented, but it turned humorless.
Blocks of bodies in shiny metal
and dull wits took Assassination
Services to lower depths, until you
would not believe how sacred
the excuse to murder became.

And this from divine beings who
rely on immortality to refresh their
need for blood.
Oh, earth, oh my
The humorless woman
sneered at me, "Can't you see
I am busy?" She would make
a perfect wife. I proposed
on the spot. She said, "Yes."

I am happy now. She has
my sense of humor and
is doing bad things to it.

Russell Salamon
May 15, 2009
Russell Salamon

As a note, Russell Salamon is an accomplished published poet!
It is a real delight to be able to post one of his poems!
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