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He began to see with lightning
and with the surface of water
in the river. From eyes of trees
he looked at the action of his
roots. The body was long
forgotten except for moments
when it drank tea.

At night he looked with stars
across eternal distances which
flicked in small instants as
he changed locations. From
gravity he extracted lost light.

He saw the universe does not
repair its own laws. Viewpoints
must be free. He saw the bodies
chopping into the next life form,
slaughter of trees and children.
Cannibal lunch blessed by god.

Reality does not repair itself.
It is seen by a million blind eyes.
He looked with eyes of wolves
and of butterflies. His own body
ate wild rice--he ignored what
it had to say. As it snored, he
moved among thunderstorms

June 19, 2009
Copyright © 2009 by Russell Salamon, All Rights Reserved, if there is money in it, otherwise feel free to send it around to friends who might like to read

P.S. Speaking of such friends, please send email addresses and I will ask them if they would like to receive occasional poems.

"Art is a connection service among beings." And among living universes, which means you and me. Oh, oh, I better leave you alone. You are working
on your own connections to life. (Sometimes they won't listen without bullets.) They listen to money.

Okay, use money. I use poems, the non-money, the non-bullet, where the "non-existence" of a spiritual being is best expressed. The bodies have won--
ask the buffalo, the whales, the virgin forests, ask the standing armies. Ask your government, who by law, must not believe you exist. Ask your own
agreement to not know. Are you comfy in that soft, overweight, diseased creampuff of a conscience? What happened to the immortal part? Oh, yea,
there it is burning on the stake, dying in the Argonne forest, etc. And the part that killed us was the murder of mankind, not the fact we died. The ledger
is still not balanced, so we must be shy and careful before we learn the language of our enemies and talk to them like friends. Hmm. (Okay, I am shy
myself. Bye.)

As a note, Russell Salamon is an accomplished published poet!
It is a real delight to be able to post one of his poems!
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