A Message from
From the desk of
Ted Demos

My name is Ted Demos and I am the National Chairman of the Children's Set A·Good Example Campaign.

Millions of kids in our campaign use
The Way to Happiness book at home and in school. We learn some pretty good things from it, like
being honest and trustworthy, loving and helping our parents, why we shouldn't use harmful drugs, why it's important to treat others the
way we would like to be treated by them, and to help safeguard the environment.

Not long ago I sent letters to all the United States Senators and members of Congress and told them about The Way to Happiness and
Set A Good Example Campaign. I sent them copies of the book too.

And, you know what? I got more than a hundred letters back. I wrote to all the state governors too. Almost all of them have proclaimed
Set A Good Example Months thanking us for what we are doing. And it was so easy!

You can do it too!

But before I wrote the government about
The Way to Happiness I thought, "Hey, I can't do that. I am just a kid!" But then I realized, I CAN
do it ... I just need some help. That is why I am asking you to read The Way to Happiness book and give it to others so they can help us
make the world a better place by setting good examples and asking others to do it too.

You can help us make a difference.

Then most kids would begin to feel safe and have a good environment to grow up and learn in.

The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. And with using The Way to Happiness book they will be good leaders.

In conclusion, if you are an adult, set a good example for children and get involved in the
Set A Good Example Campaign! It's
nationwide and growing every day. Now, although, I am only 11years old, I am old enough to realize we've got a lot of work to do.

Will you help?

Ted Demos,
Wisconsin USA

Kids leading the way ...

To download your copy of The Way To Happiness, click here!
To help with the
Set A Good Example (SAGE) campaign, click here!
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