April 9, 2010 . . . . The Set A Good Example Foundation began launching nationwide a  grass roots word of mouth
campaign titled ™SAGE-USA CLUB.  

Club members are urged to implement the following advice written by the noted American Author: L. Ron Hubbard.
"...instead of worrying day and night about what the federal government is or is not going to do, instead of worrying about
the fact that we apparently have no sweepingly effective leaders, and instead of worrying about what they did do or didn't
do or what the army says or didn't say or what the navy says about the army, and so forth, instead of worrying about this
sort of thing, would it not be possible to just skip it?
“ That's a rather startling proposal, but just skip it and be effective by making it possible for a country to exist some time in
the future.  Instead of worrying about whether it exists now, or whether it's functioning now, let's just get down to the grass
roots and begin to grow a country, person by person, guy by guy, IQ by IQ.  And sooner or later these people will be smart
enough to find some leaders and get a show on the road."         By L. Ron Hubbard

The following page contains Names of SAGE-USA Club FOUNDING MEMBERS being highly commended for their
efforts to help launch A NEW AND BETTER ERA FOR AMERICA ! You are invited to become a Founding Member for
your State.

To learn more contact: Set A Good Example Foundation Chairman of the Board or President, Barbara Ayash by fax or phone:  Phone:
800-455-0173   ●  Fax: 800-826-5412

“Pulling together toward the common cause-we can create a better nation for all.”

APRIL 2010

#1. CHARLES ROSENTHAL First Individual to become a Founder Board Member of the SAGE-USA Club 8/15/2009   
 State: Florida  

#2. and #3. Richard Palmquist DVM and M.J. Brandt ---- Pledged $50.00 per month to pay their annual SAGE-USA Club Founder’s
Board membership 12/13/2009  
State: California

#3. Carl A. Watts First to Volunteer Promotional Services and Paid and became a paid Founder Board Member Of the SAGE-USA
Club 26 March 2010
State: California

#4. Dave Silva First to donate $500.00 plus become a Paid Founding Board Member of the SAGE-USA Club
 State:  California

#5. Paul Krynen First to Donate $300.00 plus become a Paid Founding Board Member of the SAGE-USA Club March 16, 2010

#6. Murray Gould First to become a Member of SAGE-USA Club paying Membership
fees two years in advance.  Promises to invite 10 other people to join his SAGE- Club group and encourage them to invite others too.


#7. Dr. Ian Shillington First to pledge “Free Monthly Health Care” Articles to all SAGE-USA Club Members.  No Charge

#8. Lew Smallwood First to pledge “Free Monthly “Strategies for Success” Article for all SAGE-USA Club Members. No Charge   

#9. Mike Chatelaine First to pledge “Free Monthly” Tips For Success Articles for all SAGE-USA Club Members. No Charge

#10.  Carlos Duran First to pledge Free Computer Care Articles at for all SAGE-USA Club Members – No Charge.

As President we are proud to have each of them on our team.  Join In playing this game.
Please contact me using 800-455-0173 or email
Sincerely yours, Barbara Ayash - President and Co-Founder

1* From Ability Congress Lecture titled, Creating a 3rd Dynamic

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