The atheist is standing alone. By definition:  A person who lacks belief or
disbelieve in god or gods.

The agnostic is denying there are others at all. By definition: person who
believes nothing is known or can be known about god, or even his own
spiritual nature, etc. No belief or disbelief, just no position on life...

Should you be an atheist or agnostic, these general definitions may not fit
you. Read on if you will...

Compare in contrast, an
immortal being. He can stand alone or with
everyone. All the gods, even God, had relationships with man.

immortal being knows he is not alone even if he chooses to stand off and
watch others come and go.

The Pain and Loss of No Faith

At the very least, a person should have faith in himself.

He should know he is there and more than just a body or piece of warm meat.

An immoral has tremendous faith in himself. He knows that everything will be
alright as he will continue to exist regardless of the occurrences on Earth or
other planets.

The poor atheist or agnostic must believe when their human body perishes,
so do they. That's all for them.

No future beyond the shoes they wear or the body they currently have.

Sad. I can't see how they can have any hope. It must be an unhappy situation
knowing tomorrow may be your last moment forever.


People on this planet usually either have some belief in a spiritual nature of
man or they don't.

I can't see how the atheist or agnostic can have any belief in their own
spiritual nature by definition.

The basic crime a being commits against himself is the denial of self. Seems
to me they are guilty and condemned to unhappiness and uncertainty by their
own viewpoints and disbeliefs.

People who have some belief in religion may take comfort in that belief.

A successful person can be pretty confident with or without a belief in
anything of a spiritual nature.

However age sneaks up on humans. As they age, how does that confidence
hold up?

Does it falter with each illness? Or are they completely certain that they have
salvation guaranteed by some external force, a God or gods?

The atheist and agnostic, confident today, as their bodies age, would seem to
have little hope for anything.


If you or someone else were to discover, as a being, immortality, how would
that effect your confidence?

If you know, no matter what happened, you will be fine and continue to exist,
would that give you confidence?

What if everyone were
immortal and simply didn't know it? That would be a
shame for everyone especially the atheist and the agnostic.

The elite, task masters of the world, do not want humans to know what they
are nor what their abilities are!

How to Know If You are Immortal or Not?

Or if you're an atheist or agnostic, how to know, for certain, you are NOT
immortal, is a good question.

That is a question that you can answer by taking a look good at yourself.

You may get an instant answer and then deny it. Or you may simply not get

How to know for sure is the subject of another article or three for sure!
Everything will be alright!

In closing, I'll make an unsupported guess: You are immortal and do not know
or believe it!

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