Sierra Isabelle at three weeks old, a beautiful baby girl
Sierra Isabelle Carl's 10th grandchild. Carl is holding her in this shot
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Sierra Isabelle born 3/27/09
Sierra Isabelle Carl's 10th grandchild
Isabelle was
born Friday
3/27 at 6:30
pm. She is
the first child
of my

I visited them
today, 3/29,
in San Diego.
She's less
than 2 days

She is doing
great. Marcy
is doing great

Oh, that's me,
Carl, holding
her in the top

To the left
Sierra is 3
weeks old!

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Sierra Isabelle Carl's 10th grandchild. Carl is holding her in this shot
Sierra at 3 weeks
On the left is Ashley and her
Mitch. To the right is Sierra.
Taken on
Dylan's birthday 8/3/09.
Click on the photo to see Ashley's
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Sierra Isabell in her Holloween custom, beautiful, bright eyed young lady, 11/3/09
Sierra playing with some of my wooden coaster 2/14/10
Mary, Marcy, Sierra, Carl
Marcy, Sierra and Carl on 2/14/10
Sierra May 2010
Marcy in the background with Sierra. Aiden in the forground
Ashley and Sierra Oct 2011
Ashley on the left, Sierra on the right, Mitchell in the background
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Asley, Sierra, Arora 3/24/12
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