Slavery: What Creates Slavery in

Let us define a few words before we get too far:

“Freedom” is a condition where you can determine your action or lack of
action. You can have or do based on your own decisions. You can play the
games or not play as you see best. Freedom is the same as being

“Effect” is where outside influences are impacting your actions. Being
"effect" may limit what you can have or not have. Being "effect' may force what
your choices are. Being "effect" means you may not be able to choose what
you are or want to be.

“Slavery” is where you are the effect of outside influences backed by
superior force. You have no choice. You are EFFECT! Your actions are
controlled. What you have or not have is enforced upon you! Slavery is not a
warm and fuzzy condition. Slaves are normally unhappy, unhealthy and have
no hope.

Economic Duress.

Economic duress is where you have to work hard to survive even at very low
levels. You are underpaid and over taxed so you can not survive well.

Another form of economic duress is where you are living off of government

Welfare etc is a form of economic slavery. You must do what the government
says or lose the only income you have.

The amounts they pay you is still greater than you can easily make if you went
to work. So why work?

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Recently congress committed treason against the America public. They signed
a bill into existence without reading it.

It was treason that allowed obamacare to come into existence.  

Every person that signed that bill should be tried for treason and the President
should be impeached for signing it.

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“Affordable Health Care”

“Affordable” means purchased easily according a persons budget. An
unemployed person finds many things not affordable. Government assistance
passes the burden on to others making life less affordable for many!

Healthy people would have no budget for government mandated insurance
making it never affordable. I find it unaffordable. Why purchase corrupt
insurance because the government has ordered it illegally?

“Health” is a concept of how well you are surviving physically and mentally. I
do not see any evidence that “Affordable Health Care” has anything to do with
health. It may address illnesses according to the #ama and #bigpharma. Even
that "care" is now limited.

“Care” is getting attention to help you when you need it. Forcing people to
purchase corrupt insurance is not care at all.

It is clear the government does not care. Congress does not care.
#ama/#bigpharma do not care.

Giving the American public no choice but to have insurance according to the
government is slavery. I refer you to the opening definitions.

Exceeding the Constitution

The Constitution gave certain definite powers to the federal government. All
others powers belong to the States.

I challenge anyone to find where it says the federal government can dictate
how I spend my money or that they can tell me what to purchase. It certainly
does not mention “health care”.

Support for obamacare

A large portion of American people are accepting money from the federal
government. The government loves this as that allow the public to be

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People that have allowed themselves to be of poor health by following the
best #ama and #bigpharma advice want someone else to pay their medical

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They favor that they can't be turned down by insurers anymore.

So who pays for their insurance? The rest of the American public!

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A Step Towards Decay and Collapse

What happens when you tax the very productive people and give that to those
that will not work?

What happens when you make handouts more attractive than being paid for

Will the productive people slowly give up and stop working?

As the welfare and unemployment ranks grow and grow, who's going to feed
them and pay their cellphone bills?

Perhaps you think the government will do something about this? Or will people
soon just be starving?

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What Happened to USSR?

The government owned everything. Like the insurances, auto manufactures,
banks, hospitals, schools... much like in the USA today! Are bailouts basically
purchases of assets and control of companies by government?

In the USSR, the economy got so bad, the government could not continue. Oh
it lasted years and many many people suffered and died. Tractors rusted in
the field, no one would work them!

The US government will not give up. They purchased millions of rounds of
ammunition, for what? Sounds like they feel they may need to use force to
keep lining their pockets while others starve.

Notice the number of empty building where businesses have folded. Yet Wall
Street flourishes with our money!


Obamacare is the start of slavery in America and marks a major point of
decline of freedom.

You may not agree and think Mr Obama is great and looking out for the little
guy. What I see is him starving out the poor and middle class to keep him and
the elite fat.

I hope I'm wrong.


What is needed is for the American public to wake up. We must put personal
benefits behind the survival of our nation.

Most of us have children, grandchildren. They will be the ones that suffer the
most if they survive the potential total collapse of freedom.

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I support a government run for the people, of the people and by the people.
The criminals we have in government are not working for us. They work for
the banksters!

They are still sensitive to massive public opinions. Don't be silent!

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