Smallest Particle...The “God” Particle?    09/26/13

What is the smallest particle the physicist is always looking for? The “God”
particle? It doesn't exist!

Why will the physicist never find it?


If you have the smallest particle, what do you get if you split that? You will
get one half the size, right?

What happens if you keep splitting the half you got when you split the last

You will never, never, get to the smallest particle because there is no end to
cutting something in half. You will never arriver there.

What is Wrong with Physics?

Would you agree that physics deals with space, time and energy? That is
considering that matter is just dense energy.

So what is the definitions of time, space, energy?

Space is that which energy travels through? Energy is motion through
space? Time is what happens while energy moves through space?

It would seem that all those definitions form a squirrel cage of this is that is


So what is space? Every one knows, it is what is between here and there.

But what establishes that?

Viewer Or Viewpoint

In order for space to be, is it necessary for someone to view from here to

A twentieth century philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard, defined space as “A
viewpoint of dimension.” I have found that to be a true definition.

Physics Lacks

What physics lacks are people to view. Therefore they lack viewpoint! If they
looked, they see space.

When looking for the smallest particle, they would see there are NO
Particles, only motion.

But what is in motion? Nothing. They and we consider there is motion and so
it is. Just that simple.

That is probably too simple to be real. If you can't see it, what's your

Life is Simple

I have found life to be extremely simple. The Physicist tries to find complexity
inside complexity.

Physicist lack basic knowledge.

Physicist lack the ability to simply look!

If you disagree, that's okay as long as you're looking. If you're relying on your
education, you're not looking.

#EverythinWill_B_OK!  #KnowledgeIsPower!

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