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Snow Driven

In the winter, the snow comes down
It very quiet and beautiful drifting down
On the beach, the wave comes crashing in
The sounds are methodical and never end

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh
Beats being drug in a wooden box

across the ice on any day
Drifting high up in the clouds cooled by the mist
Plunging towards earth with a chute that missed…

How do you view it, your thoughts are what matters to you
Being in prison gives you time to think,

to appreciate a solitude view
Removal of your freedom puts you in a lot of physical strife
But could the only difference be in how you view your life?

Are you trapped inside or free?
Just how do you view your body?
It could be that you could be free
Let’s visit a far away star, you and me…..
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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This is Max my friend's horse