The Solution and The Problem

Hell, sometimes I feel like a problem.
I’m tired, grumpy, not very nice or sure

But then I realize, that I’m alive
Tired, grumpy, being a problem
All facets of the game of life for sure!

You know between each beat of music
There’s a moment of silence.

When you throw a ball up
There is a point, it stops before it falls

Between the atoms and molecules
There’s empty space.

I’m the silence between the notes

Strumming each vibration along
I’m the absence of movement
Though every particle falls

I’m like the space, the emptiness
Between the atoms, molecules and motes.

No, I’m not the problem. Nor the sound or motion

I’m the source of it all for my entertainment.

I started the motion,
created the space and the ball

I caused the ball to fall

I’m life before the start of it all.

Copyright 2008


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