Space or No  Space

I was studying recently and the various pattern of energy were being discussed. I’ve studied this
material more than once and each time, I
learn more.

I’ll give some simple examples:

I am fairly certain you can visualize that an explosion would be energy going out for a generally
centralized area rapidly. Are you with me on this?

A “river” is a flow. It doesn’t matter what is moving alone in a direction, it’s a flow. Can you see how this
is true?

A dam across a river is a barrier, a ridge of matter. A ridge is the accumulation formed that remains after
the flows have ceased. Like if you shot water against a wall. When the water left, there would be some
dampness left. This would be a type ridge. Just for discussion can you agree with this?

Okay, my concept was to create an energy pattern that would create areas of no space. It sort of defies
imagination. I get the idea it’s never happened in this universe; we’ve never created such a pattern of
energy. Or if we have, we’ve lost record of it happening.

But perhaps in the distance past, in a galaxy far far away, there were people that created energy pattern
that created areas of “no space.” That would be a hole in space. Not one like today’s “physicist” claim to
have observed. Nope those aren’t holes, worm holes or spider holes or any other kind of holes either.

But if you’ve watched shows like the one where they have a gate that steps from one world to the next,
perhaps they have created a no space that spans between the gap between worlds?

You may have heard that some of the physicists say the universe is curved and that the fartherest star is
also the closest star. Have you heard of this? I really can’t think with it but perhaps in the center of the
curve there is a huge “no space” space. Of course if it between the inside the curved edges then it
would be the space between and not a “no space” area!

There are a lot of unexplained things in this universe. Perhaps you could just take some energy and
mark off some space with it. Then dis-relate the corners so that they were not aligned or connected with
each other. Like supposed they are in one point in space and they are moved apart but remain
touching? Told you it was hard to imaging. I can’t image that.

But the patterns of energy in this universe were created and agreed upon. Thus those are the patterns.
Just because something is not agreed upon doesn’t mean it is not real or true.

It used to be that no one agreed the Earth was round. Now everyone thinks it is round. Do you agree
with that?

So a “no space” space could be just as true. Can you think with that?

Alright. Assuming you have agreed just a little bit that the Earth is round and that there could be things
that aren’t agreed upon in existence that might happen to be real or true, lets go a step further.

Let’s say there was a beginning. You know, where the heavens and earth were created. Tracking?

Was there space there before this or was space created then and not mentioned?

What if there was no space before then. What was there? Or what was where? Could there even have
been “a where” or “a what” before there was space?

Maybe all there was in existence was a “No Space”! Perhaps this isn’t a new pattern but is a pattern
older than space and time!

Of course to be older than time, you’d have to go before time. See there couldn’t be a “before
something” that wasn’t. Maybe this was a “no time,” I can’t say a “no time” time or a “no time” period
cause that would infer time was there or then so sometime could be before the start. It must have been a
no space thing which also didn’t have time. Have I got you thinking? If you’re still reading this at all, the
answer is yes!

This is getting pretty complicated or perhaps it’s getting real simple. Too simple!

Because if that were true, what did the heavens and earth get created out of? No space?

I wonder…?

Well I’ve probably confused most, at least several, people. I’ve probably angered some people that have
religious views. This was not meant to step on toes. I’m considering energy patterns. I’ve probably got
some scientist spinning in their heads or maybe in their graves.

But I can tell you one thing, either you’re understanding me or you don’t really have a clue to the truth.
And you know that deep down inside of you!

I’m open for debate if you use nice words and don’t curse at me or put a hex on me. Neither of the latter
will do you any good or me any harm.

At the very least, I hope I set you to thinking.

I’m still puzzled about the “no space” space. I guess if you could see or imagine a not space,
why then it would be a space that you were looking across or that had some dimensions or
you would be able to perceive it. I think I’ll try to create one some day just for the fun of it.

©2008 Carl Watts
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