The Sparkle

Long ago, a sparkle of a light flitted from one place to another.

It would stop from time to time and dwell on a plane of existence.

It played a game.  The game was the game of life.

You’ve seen the sparkle when you look into the eyes of a young child.  The
look of curiosity, an eagerness to learn and understand everything there is to
know about life.

The sparkle was and is life.

This story started long before the beginning of this tale but that’s another story.

The sparkle dwelt in deep space, or shallow space.  Space is merely a
consideration and existed to the sparkle only as an idea, not as a barrier or a
vast distance.  From the outside, the physical universe looks like a crystal ball
small enough to put into one hand.

A part of the sparkle never was in space, not into the physical universe at all,
but always remained stably outside of the physical universe.  By remaining
outside of physical universe space and time, it maintained a viewpoint of
cause over space and time.

In the long distant pass, the sparkle arrived on a continent named “Asia.”  This
is where the story picks up.

About 5000 earth years ago

A boy was born.  This boy had the sparkle in his eyes.  The sparkle was the

The young boy wanted to know all there was to know about life on this plane.  
He watched eagerly and listened.  His small body grew and grew.  His
knowledge grew and grew.

As time passed he mastered the language and mastered controlling the body
he inhabited.

Life was grand.

As he grew older, he chose a mate and produced more young bodies.  These
too were inhabited by sparkles.

As the years passed the body grew old and failed.  

The sparkle departed and for a while again dwelt in

This cycle repeated over and over until at one point, the sparkle found itself
trapped and unable to depart (or so sparkle thought).  It felt compelled to go
immediately from one body to the next.

Still, life was a game to the sparkle and it moved down through the ages from
one lifetime, one body, to the next.

Life was not as simple as it was with all these years gone

Where space had once only been a consideration, an idea of the sparkle,
being trapped in one physical object, a body, made space a barrier.  And so it

And being compelled to be in a body created the false illusion that the sparkle
was a body and he felt he aged with the body.

The sparkle having become a body was no longer outside of the physical
universe, or so it seemed, and was the effect of space and time.

Not Satisfied

But the sparkle was not satisfied to be an object even if the object could move
and do things.  The sparkle wanted more from the game of life and so started
searching for the truth.

Here and there, bits and pieces of the truth were found.  Always, the truth was
woven into and made part of non-truth which made the search difficult.

A little more than a half a century ago, the sparkle found another sparkle that
knew it was truly a sparkle. The second sparkle is called Red.


This second sparkle, Red, had never given up the viewpoint of being cause
over time and space and had remained truly himself.  Earlier, Red had realized
that the game of life had become a trap for all around him and so started his
search for answers.

But the journey, the search was not simple.

Red did research and found out how the body’s mind worked and how it was
trapping sparkles into the bodies. There was a lot of electronics and history
discovered and understood.

Red developed way to help a sparkle separate it’s self from a body. Most did
this easily. Others took more work and time.


What made the journey tough was that the planetary governments had started
using and testing atomic and hydrogen bombs. This made the environment
dangerous. This created more barriers for sparkles in bodies.

On top of that, the really bad guys, that would like to see all dead, were
launching tremendous numbers of drugs on a wholesale fashion into the

This group is the same group responsible for the decline of society on all
planets for trillions of years. They are call psyches. They push drugs on
children and cut out the brains and use huge amounts of electricity to shock
people into docility.

But Red was not to be turned back and he gathered a huge group behind him
and as the days and weeks passed, his group grew stronger and they grew
smarter and more able.


Truth has a way of piercing the lies put out by the psychs and even the
mystery of radiation.

Red evolved methods of training that gave positive gain to other sparkles. The
developed methods of removing the barriers added to sparkles. Many
sparkles recovered their true beingness and were no longer dependant on
bodies. Space and time lost any substance as barriers.

The sparkles won over the environment and won over the psyches. The
psyches, who had only survived on government money, vanished from this

Red moved on to another planet.


As the sparkle, at the start of this story, I am still here and still recovering my
beingness. But I know I am immortal and will never perish regardless of what
happens to the body.

I can communicate by thought, telepathically, to most people (other sparkles).

Soon, I will be ready to move on. Perhaps I’ll return to space or perhaps to the
next planet to help Red.

That remains to be seen.

What are you doing in a body?

Do you think if your body stops that you stop?

Do you think that you aren’t in control of your own destiny?

The weak want something or someone else to be responsible. It doesn’t work.

I could ask you many questions and either you’d figure it out or you wouldn’t.
Those that
could, usually already have.

The End

Stories by Carl

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