Nutrition and Chiropractic Adjustments

As a chiropractor you should know that I butter my bread by doing
chiropractic adjustments to the spine, arms and hands, legs and feet and to
other bones as the ribs.  

Carl Watts has put me in a compromising position by asking me to tell
you why great food and great whole food concentrated supplements might
get you so healthy you need less chiropractic adjustments.  

My solution to all this is to sell these high quality supplements which
helps put the butter back on my bread to use an old phrase.  


These days I should probably say put the paleo back into my paleo diet.  
The human body is way more complicated than most people want to bother
with.  So these people come to see guys like me to help them out or they
go see another kind of doctor.  

I am in the business of rejuvenating your health.  


The word rejuvenation, by the way, does not appear in my 2000 page
medical dictionary.  While rejuvenation is perhaps not in the mental
functioning of most medical doctors it is in my mental functioning.

We can translate the mental process of rejuvenation then into rejuvenating
healing because we can have the idea that rejuvenation is possible
through clinical (in the doctor office) approaches.   

Chiropractic adjustments when you need them give huge relief and
command back to the individual especially of his musculo-skeletal system.  
This is rejuvenating to musculo-skeletal function.  


Nutrition is another area easy to address though it is more time consuming
and takes patient participation at least to the extent of taking the whole food
concentrated supplements.

Nutrition is the area that is weakest in almost everyones' health
especially Americans.  I have worked on many patients who grew up in
Europe.  These people will tell you one for one that American food is second

Why?  So much of on the stock market big corporations are involved in the
food industry.  The way they make a buck is by selling us mass quantities
of warehoused food that has the nutrients processed out of it so it can sit
in a warehouse or a supermarket for months on end.

Hell, you can go earlier back to the farm or the animal growing industry and
you will see that every step of growing animals has been mechanized to get
the most animal for the least dollar amount.  If feeding a cow sawdust will
increase his weight cheaper than feeding him corn or anything else then
this sort of thing will occur.  

Grass fed cow is the best most nutritious form of cow and you will pay more
for grass fed hamburger than for most corn or saw dust fed steak.  You are
better off eating the grass fed hamburger.  This is just one example of the
food system in this country.  

It stinks unless you get on the alternative food system and pay the extra to
get the properly grown food.  


So you need supplements to help you get other nutrients.  Further with
animals we only eat the muscle in America.  Many of the special nutrients
you need are from the brain, the liver etc.  Once upon a time these other
foods were common.  

Then there are special nutrients that put pizazz back into health.  
Ginseng is an herbal example.  But there are many other more basic
products that will help such as raw beets and cruciferous vegetables for
liver health.  

There are supplements that contain these in concentrated form which
are especially good for people who refuse to eat such foods.

Beyond this,  we have ways to stress test the body and any part of the
body to see if it is functioning well.  In this clinical approach we can find
areas of poor health and rejuvenate them even if they do not hurt.  

Hurt is a low level of health indeed so we can using supplements and
chiropractic visits get a person into a high level of health often better
than ever before in the person's life.


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