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StarShip Helm                        

I looked up the word “helm” as is used on a sailing ship. It's tiller or wheel and any associated
equipment for steering a ship or boat. It also means in the lead of something such as at the helm
of a company.

Since this is “science fiction,” I'll stick with the first definition.

Future or Past?

Star Wars had it right when they talked about far away a long time ago. Most science fiction is
merely memories of the past. Space travel is not new to this universe. It is only new to this current,
short memory, civilization.

If we had better memories, we'd not be risking our entire planet with nuclear fuels and weapons.
Radiation does ruin planets for millions and millions of years! It's the one thing that can totally wipe
out life as even cells, bacteria, and viruses die when exposed to enough radiation.

By the way, there is NO SAFE level of radiation. Radiation is also accumulative.

This means when you get a do
se, it doesn't normally ever go away. So when the radiation around
you is high, you absorb it and keep absorbing it until it kills the body. You can get rid of it but that's
not the subject of this article.

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Space Ship Cockpit View.

Anyway, I decided to write about this when I looked up what a helm was and got the picture of a
space ship cockpit.

It was not a big ship but extremely deadly. The power those little ships had was under played in
Star W
ars. Though to be honest, some fighters had more destructive power than others.

Outer Space

When you are in flight, outside the atmosphere, you can see a long way.

You look and nothing stops your gaze, you seem to stretch out to infinity...

If you keep getting pictures of space, don't blame Hollywood for your memories.

Also don't take any drugs, perhaps some B1 and calmag.

But of course, this is not a recommendation of anything that will help you or cure you or make you
feel less nervous.  Nothing can help you except a licensed medical doctor who will drug you.
Please consult your Doctor if you find yourself “imagining” space adventures (space opera :-)

Most beings, perhaps all, have been on other planets in other ages passed!

I recommend the
Lensman Series by EE “Doc” Smith. It's an old set of science fiction books but
you can still find it. Smith
's words evokes some very real pictures of past adventures, mental
abilities and space flight capabilities.

The Quietness of Space

A vacuum does not carry sound. In space, the only sound you'd hear would be riding on an
electronic wave. Striking a ship and soon the passengers wouldn't hear anything beyond a lot of
noise as the ship explodes and the air vanished at remarkable speed.

The utter silence is not duplicated on Earth.

Even if you were in an area of “total silence,” you'd have your own heart beating, circulation and
breathing. The exception is if you're not human. A doll body, not in motion, could be silent.

A Being without a body, can always be aware of the silence that is between each vibration of
sound. Try it! You can probably get that silence too but the environment often makes it difficult to
hold or stay aware of.

Time and Boredom

There were periods where intergalactic travel was almost instantaneous. When civilizations
become that high tech, they tend to kill themselves off fast and the technology gets lost.

So unfortunately, much more often, traveling, even between planets, took a long time.

Nothing moves. The sounds of a ship soon fade as they are repetitious and soon your only

gauge of time is your own heart beat and breathing.

After the initial excitement of take off, there's nothing to do unless something breaks...

Day after day, month after month, years pass and all you see is infinity out the portals. Space is
beautiful but can bore you to death.

Still people did survive the long passages.

Here and Now

After reading this, if you feel out of present time, you probably are. Get up, go for a walk and keep
walking until you are really alive and back in present time.

This article is just a teaser. There's more to life than you are supposed to know about or

So the tips here are:
1. Go for long walks when your tired or out of sorts.
2. When things just don't seem to be going right, find the
negative person and lose them.

Now I must remind you I'm not a licensed medical doctor and can't tell you anything that might help
you. I can't tell you that drinking water will cure thirst or eating will cure hunger. Only a doctor can
do that. So before you eat or drink or take anyone's advice on anything, consult your doctor and
cough up his money!


Even though I dubbed this “science fiction,” tell me did some of this strike a cord of truth with you?

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