Stop Thinking?

The title is a question. Can you stop thinking?

If yes, excellent. That means you are in control of your mind.

If no, hummmm? Have you ever tried? Did you know you could stop thinking?

Laying Awake

I suspect every human has laid awake thinking or worrying about something. This is called “figure-
figure” and is an out of control action of the human mind.

It can be controlled but often the individual thinks it can not be and thus it runs totally on
automatic. This automatic thinking, figure-figure, can keep you awake almost all night.

When it is worry, it is some type problem that is pending, a maybe. A “maybe” can go either way.

How to Break a “Maybe”

The first thing I would suggest is write down the facts of the situation. Get both sides in detail laid
out on paper.

Now, get a little creative. What is the worse case and or best case out come for each side? Be
sure to write it down. Keeping this in your head merely activates mental activity called “circuits.”

A circuit is an automatic, meaning not controlled, mental action. Have you ever had a song stuck in
your head? That's a circuit.

Figure-figure activity is a circuit in action. Treat “figure-figures” and “circuits” as maybes. Write
them down. It may not help but I guarantee it won't hurt.


I've written about problems several times before.

A problem is a thought-counter thought. It is an idea vs an idea. It is a force opposing another

The easiest way to handle a problem is to let it go if its in the area of thought, ideas or emotion.

In the physical sense, back off or overpower or go around.

The reason I brought up problems is to make a point. Have you ever solved a problem and then
continued worrying or thinking about it? My guess is once it's solved, you don't think about it

Handle any problem as a “maybe” by writing it down, possible outcomes in all possible directions.
Decide what action to take if any and you
,re set. No more thinking about it.

What if You Had NO Problems, Worries, Maybes?

What would you have to think about?

With no problems etc, the future would probably be simple.

I do believe you can get to where you have no problems personally. But I'll give you a hint about
the future, at the point you have no problems, you will start worrying about other people's

That can be simplified too. :-)

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