1. Listen and Guide, Someone to
  2. New Civilization
  3. Governments, Solution For! 070612
  4. Problem or Solution? 033113
  5. Chemtrails, Radiation, Toxins in General,
  6. How to Survive 021613

Recent Articles:
What is Your Philosophy of Life? 122917
Shining Light on Toxic People 120917
The Problem with Being Human 102117
Lack of Appreciation 100717
Position of Color 100117
Karma-What Comes Around, Goes Around 092517
A Tall Tale Begins 092317
Politically Correct 092117
You Create. 091117
Don't Look! It's All Bad...! 090717
Why Do Cats Fight? 090617
Life's Path, a Message 090517
Does Your Body Listen to You? 090217
The Value of Communication 081017
What Is the Difference Between Prayers & Postulates
What Is Ahead? 080817
Why I don't Argue. 080817
What Are You NOT Interested In? 080517
Awareness 080317
Spectrum 080217
Listening 072417
StarShip Helm 071717
Where Do Ideas Come From 071617
Life as A Human 071517
Drifting or Driving 071417
The Illusion Universe 071017
What Does a Spirit Look Like? 070717
Thinking Big 070517
Complacency 070417
Visual Pollution 062817
Negative or Positive? 061617
Can You Be Helped? 0614/17
Respect! 061217
What is Stopping You? 060717
Promoting What You Dislike? 060717
#Resist 060317
Good Morning 052017
Attacked 051417
Body Confusion 051417
Responsibility, More On 051417
Deceptive Wording? 020117
What is Confidence and How do You Get it? 012617
What is Success 011917
Courts, Police and Justice? 042516
How Simple Is It All Really? 012516
Responsibility 112215
"I or We" 083115
Mentions, Who, Why, When 072215
Bodies! Why are They Important? 071815
What is Fear? 062915
You Only Live Once? 062415
A Good Boy 061915
Truth and Duplication 061815
How to Be CAUSE? 061115
How To Make Your Point 053115
Beauty 052715
Imagination and Life 042015
What Happened to the Gods? 041515
Turning Point in Man's History 041011
"I'm Not Cool!" 040715
Good Things Happen 030615
Victims 030315
Space and Aliveness 022515
Ghost and Bodies 022015
What Does an Immortal Have to Fear? 021615
Helping Others 021315
My Reality 021215
How To Solve a Problem 020315
Social Networking: What Not to Do & What to Do 010615
How To Handle a Panic Attack 120914
Sunglasses 070814
Death, Graveyards 070714
How to Align Humanity 062314
Knowledge Vs Authority 061914
Trolls 061814
Bucket List and Insurance 061714
Aura 061214
The Value of Death 061114
Invalidation 061014
Self-Invalidation 060914
Limitations 060514
Children and Time Outs 050414
Earth 042214
Artists and Interest 030214
Articles Written For You 021814
How To Interest 021814
How To Fail 021714
Three Young Children 021514
A Reason For Everything 021514
How To Take Out #GMOs 021414
Burden of Upset Belongs to Who? 021314
Writing and Emotion 021214
Whose Planet is Earth? 021014
Forgiving Others 020814
Reason to Get up 020714
Government, What is It? 020614
Newspaper 020614.
How To Help 020214
Radiation...How to Survive 013114
Fluoride...How to Survive 013114
Heavy Metals...How to Survive 013114
Chemtrails...How to Survive 013114
Love, What is It? 012614
"A Bum, That Could be YOU!" 012114
Lonely? 012014
What do You Think? 011614
Constructive Criticism 011514
"Good? Bad?" 011314
Image, What is It? 011114
Live Every Day As If It Is Your Last 011014
Slavery: What creates Slavery in America 010814
Attitude and Exchange 010812
Are All DRUGS BAD or Are some GOOD? 012012
What is a Problem? 1/22/12
Crowded Spaces 012312
How to Get Agreement 012512
Interesting? Or Interested? 020112
"Warmth of a Smile" or “Evil Behind a Smile”021112
Medical Doctors, Their Actions 022112
How to Know Who to Trust 021212
"Shadows On the Wall"030512
Twitter People Are Far Above Average and Why? 051212
Critique of Picasso 032212
Covert Hostility, an Example of 032512
Judgment of Self or Others? 040512
Contagion, The Theory of 041312
Chemtrails Stops Now 041312
Communication and Future 042412
POWER... #AwesomeTeam 053112
THEY 060912
Aging and Illness 061012
Weed 061812
Do You Know You ARE BEAUTIFUL? 062512
Are You a Thinking Person? 061012
YOU ARE RIGHT! 06/30/12
Retirement: Taking it Easy 07/02/12
Fighting Against... 071512
Beyond Human True Tales: Jalapeno Pepper Burns 071612
Reality, What You See? 071612
The Myth of Shortages 072212
Tear It Down 073012
Complex vs Simple 073112
The Voices Inside 080412  
Order of Magnitude! 091012
Generalities 091012
Health, Attention on Correct Goal 091212
Relative Truth 091612
Summer Day 091812
Editorial: Purpose of #GMOs 092012.
Unemployment, Solutions for 092312
How To Influence an Interview 092612
Beingness 111012
Genetics, Heredity and Allergies 111012
Viewpoint of How to Be a Parent 111912
Actions and Information 112112
Giving Thanks 112212
How to Be a Parent, with a New Born 112512
Why Can't Congress Agree 112912
Happiness and Health 120112
Dad's Spaghetti Recipe 120912
Illness and Holidays 122012
Drugs Defined 122312
"How News Media is Used to Control Us" 011213
Bad News, How to Handle 011613
Effects of Nutrition/Toxins on Organs,Glands, Muscles, Nerves & Structure 020413
Sharing Bad News, Really? 020913
Chemtrails, Radiation, Toxins in General, How to Survive 021613
Viruses, How to Control, Theory 021813
Control 022313
Electronics: People Out Of Communication 031313
What I Eat 032313
Beyond Human: Handling an Ill Boy 032613
Pushing People's Buttons! 032913
Problem or Solution? 033113
What Will Attract Anyone Interest for Certain? 040513
How To Coach 040713
What is Harmony? 041113
How To Protest 041313
Beyond Human Tales: Crashing Electronics & Machines 043013
What do You Really Want? 050613.
"Why You Should Validate Others" 052813.
Beyond Human Tales: Scars 060613
Nightshades 6/23/13
Victory, Defeat or Winning? 062413
I'm Stepping Out! 063013
Marriage Equality 070413
Alerting People Beyond #AwesomeTeam 071313
Aliments? 071613
#ADHD? Exactly What is That & Other Made up #Psych #Syndromes? 071813
How to Eliminate Future Worries, Your Children 072713
Teacher! 081413
Leader or Follower? 091713
Burnt Out? Nervous Breakdown? 092913  
You Are Not Obese! You are UNHEALTHY! 092813
Smallest Particle...the “God” Particle? 092613
Generation Gap, Why? 100313
Obstacles or Goals? 100413
Artists and Aesthetics 100613
GodFather Advice 101513
Listen and Guide, Someone to 120913
Nutrition Response Testing Seminar
Nutrition Response Testing Testimonial     
Psych Syndromes
Twitter Articles, Index
Assistance or Help   
My Family 12/24/1990
How to Correct
Protected Tweets* or Restricting Your Life 110810
Dee...pression or Depression
How to Get Cooperation
The Constitution: What is America?
Caring For Someone: Relationships
The Importance of YOU 040312
A Reflection
War or Affinity?
Comment on Opinions
Government (quotes by famous men)!
Parking Enforcement Personnel/Criminals
Responsibility for Children
Is the Economy as Bad As It is Being Reported
Life Amongst Mortals.
Space or No Space 12/29/08
Life Amongst Mortals 12/26/08
The Warring Couple  
Affinity Exchange Success Story, wedding of Mary and Carl
Comment on How will You Stand?     
Comment on Who is Moloch Today?
Comment on Civil Right or Civil Righteousness     
Comment on the killing of evolution!
Comment on "Who is Running Your Life?"     
Comment on Caffeine
Comment on "Money, Energy Crisis and Gravity"     
Comment on Science "The Big Leak Theory"
Comment on "What the Governments Does for You"    
Comment on "Global Warming"
Comment on "Contributing Factors to America's Physical Decline"     
Comment on "Buyer Beware"
Comment on "Traffic Jams by Design"     
Comment on "The Police and the Citizen"
Comment on "The Police and the Citizen Second Edition"     
Comment on "Helping and Caring"
Comment on The Police and the Citizen, Fourth of July, 2008     
Comment on "Helping and Caring"
Comment on "The Citizen and The Police, Good News"     
Comment on "Space, Gravity and Infinity"
Comment on "Parking in Glendale, California"      
Comment on "No Skateboards, No Responsibility"
Comment on "Opportunity and Immigration"     
Comment on "Pressure, Heat and Atomic Theory"
Comment on Parking Enforcement Personnel/Criminals
Comment on a great product "Homelife®"
Solutions: State of the World
America-What is Good?
Cops: Unfriendly Activities
Brightness 11/24/08   
What I want to Accomplish this Lifetime 1/1/09.
Hope for a Spouse 2/6/09 1st in the series
Men and Women 2/6/09 2nd in the series
Husband and Wife 2/6/09 3rd in the series
Comment on a great product "Homelife®"
How To Successfully Find a Spouse
Consideration (Communicating with your Significant other)
How YOU can easily help the Police and our Nation and beyond...
Police and Revenue. Why?
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Wizard Disagreements: World Inside the Black Barrier
How to Put a Picture on your Email Signature
"FEAR" or Other's Emotion
Twitter Profiles
Conflicts on Earth
Looking at Life Behind the Eye of the Universe
Insults or Upsetting Communication
AwesomeTeam Defined
Morning Message Communication, Response, Attitude
Info4U Today 040711
Disaster Preparations
FollowFriday, How to Play
Tall Ladies
What is wrong with NAMING ILLS?
Promoting the End of the World 061111
Computer Lessons for the Beginner-How to Copy and Paste
Problem Solving/Success Tips
Communication Handles All Problems: Jane versus Sam
Communication Handles All Problems: Frank versus Renter
Considering Divorce?
"Imagine Japan Sunny Safe Again"
Why People Divorce and How to Prevent It
"Who Has the RIGHT to INSULT You?"
"Editorial: So You have a Medical Condition"
My Philosophy
03/21/11 Solutions: Morning Message
Animals and Owners
Find the Beauty
Monday, Monday 072911
Ethical Activism vs Sheeple
Unfollow Monitoring Services
War Mongers and Amanda
Is This Why You...?
Editorial: Why Vaccines DO NOT work.
Cancer Industry Killed my Wife
Stress Re-Defined 050812
What is Wrong with Magic
Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls Part 2 of What is Wrong with Magic
Paranormal, The Truth About part 3 of What is Wrong with Magic
Rap Music
Campfire Rose
Beyond Human Tales: Death of a Cat from my Past
Mental Communication Thinking about something and having it happen!
Making A Strange Friend The near attack of a junk yard dog on a pregnant lady
Cat Communication, Jack June09 Telepathy or what?
The Driver Broke the Law A demonstration of beyond human communication
Evil Perceived Walking down the street and perceiving evil...
Mind Reading or Telepathy
"Being Single and Loving It"
"FEAR" or other's emotions
Cures, The Lack of and Why
Beyond Human...What's Inside?
Homo Sapiens Under Attack
Questions of the Day or MakeUThink?

  1. A Round About Way about 1980 edited 12/29/08
  2. Relative Size 12/27/08
  3. Paul and the Invaders 12/19/08
  4. Almost an Accident about 1986 edited 12/1/08
  5. Outside of the Church about 1980 edited 12/1/08
  6. Pain in the Neck about 1980 edited 11/21/08
  7. Universe on Edge about 1985 edited 11/21/08
  8. I Watched for Ten Thousand Years 11/30/08
  9. The Depths of Despair a true story 6/16/07
  10. Brightness a short article 11/24/08
  11. The Bum a short insight into a not so happy life 11/6/08
  12. The Royal Whittmour Family about a dream inspired tale about gaining abilities. 10/8/08
  13. The Martian Barber Shop, Letter to Grandpa 10/1/08
  14. City Ethereal, Home Universe about Infinity and the past. 9/22/08
  15. Catastrophe and New Hope about Earth and the future. 5/26/08
  16. "The Battle to Survive" about Earth and the past. 5/24/08
  17. Attack on Bull Frog        
  18. The Sparkle       
  19. Certainty     
  20. Recent History on Earth
  21. Spirits, The True Story        
  22. A Few Days of Life     
  23. The Mismatched Stories This is the introduction to a three story set. Each can be read
alone but you might want to start here with The Image        Storm Gods        Holes   

Stories for Children:
  1. Childhood Misadventure 1 "The Chain" about a chain and a child's illusions.
  2. Childhood Misadventure 2 "The Crawdad" about a crawdad and a child's illusions.
  3. Childhood Misadventure 3 "The Tunnel" about a cave and a child's illusions.
  4. Childhood Misadventure 4 "Down into The Deep Hole" about a light and a child's illusions.
  5. Childhood Misadventure 5 "C Space" about space and a child's illusions.
  6. Childhood Misadventure 6 "C Space Day 3" about holes in space and a child's illusions.
  7. Childhood Misadventure 7 "A Hole in Space" continuation about child's illusions.
  8. Childhood Misadventure 8 "The Green Light Behind the Preacher"  Darma's little brother, George, gets
    involved in illusions. Available by request. Contact Carl.
  9. Childhood Misadventure 9 "A One Way Trip" Darma takes a one way trip....Available by
request. Contact Carl.
Childhood Misadventures 10-34 are done but not posted.

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