Strong Interest

Life is a challenge
Life is a game
Communicating through a poem
How does one do it

What creates interest for you
What makes you ponder
What makes you move
What makes you create

What would give you space
What would give you vision
What would make you happy
What would make you desire

So many questions
All about the same subject
Drawing a reader out
Helping them enjoy life

Barriers get in the way
Barriers often unseen
Barriers that prevent reading
Barriers that prevent freedom

My interest isn’t the barriers
My interest is penetrating the barriers
Reaching the true spirit
Reaching the source of life
Reaching you

We play a game
Sometimes forgotten
Sometimes no longer fun
Sometimes not even played

Reaching you with a poem
Hoping to draw you out to play
Hoping together we’ll create
A game all men can play

If you’ve read this far
You probably want to play
Get another to read
It takes a big team to win

Let us get others to play
Aware they’re playing this game
Wanting to play in the game
Knowing the rules
Together we’ll win

Find a barrier
Look right through
Speak to the spirit
A being just like you

If you do, he might just see
If you do, he might just step free
The barriers all shattered
A new game begun

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Page created 4/17/09
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