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"The traditional way I was being taught math sounded like a foreign language.  Success! Tutoring
Burbank put it into clear simple steps.  I can't help but wonder why it wasn't this easy before.  I realize
it's not what is being taught but rather how it's being taught that matters the most."  (9th grader)

"I was having problems in Algebra.  I took the class two times and had gotten F's but since going to
Success! Tutoring Burbank, I have raised my grade to the highest in the class - 107% A+" (9th grader)

Vicky Salcido
Senior Consultant
Success! Tutoring
1827 W. Verdugo Ave. Ste. F
Burbank, CA  91506
(818) 557-7379

Matching students with quality tutors that consistently achieve successful results.
WINNER 2008-2009 Applied Scholastics International Expansion Game, Tutoring Center Division
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