Mankind is a large social group. We exist side by side to increase our survival against the elements. The elements,  storms,
earthquakes, fires, etc, are our only true enemies.

Unfortunately, a few, that are insane, have worked very hard to pit man against man, nation against nation.

These insane few profit by selling weapons to both side in a conflict. They sell drugs to make people ill so they can sell more drugs.

These insane few poison our foods, our waters and oceans and the very air we breath!

But they are only a few and they are the true insane.

These few insane specialize in directing our attention at turmoil, conflicts, death and destruction!

What we need to focus on is the positive. At the same time, we need to notice who is causing 98% of our problems.

The international banking community finance or owns the chemical and bigPharma companies. They finance or own the weapons
industry, the insurance and medical industries. They own and control the media!

All those industries are controlled or owned by a very few very insane people.

No people of any nation truly wants to kill the people of another nation.

Hate is not a natural thing between men and women but it can be created with lies and deceptions. It can be created by taking an
isolated situation and blowing it all our of size. It can be created by covertly causing damage and death and getting someone blamed for

It's like throwing a rock through someone's window and falsely pointing ownership of the rock at the next door neighbor. The two
neighbors get upset with each other. The rock thrower again covertly cause damage to each of the neighbor's property. The upset grows
and grows!

The rock thrower then buys the houses cheap or gets the land and it's oil or drugs....

Religions deal with the spiritual nature of man and attempt to guide man in survival. Differences in religious beliefs is not justification for
the death of men, women and children. The insane few often try to use religions as a weapon against others.

Be alert the rock thrower, the media, the covert intelligence agencies, that under the control of the international bankers, create wars and
conflicts and endless deaths.

Be alert for the intentional actions designed to subjugate the earth's population by chemical poisoning of the air, water and food; the
injection of poison vaccines which make people ill and docile.

The insane few believe an ill, drugged, population is easier to dominate and control. They don't care how many die and actually, as they
are insane, would like to see many die across the world.

Man is basically good and wants to survive. Keep your attention on that. Keep your attention on the smiling baby you once saw, the
newly blooming flower, the cool breeze at the evenings sunset.

Where you can, support causes that help others.

Lend a hand. Your help is valuable. You can help. You do make a difference.

Life is grand! Live it and enjoy!

Let me know if I can assist you.


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