Getting Organized

As covered in two previous articles, to succeed you need to NAME and WANT whatever product or result you are after. The third

“The purpose of organization is TO MAKE PLANNING BECOME ACTUALITY.” -- L. Ron Hubbard

Well-organized operations make it simple for its employees to follow the set procedures. For example, McDonald's restaurants can train
a high-school student to run the cash register, fill orders and provide good service with just a few days of training. Everyone in
McDonald's does it the same efficient way, from Burbank to Boise to Berlin.

Successful individuals are also well organized. They get the most possible productivity with the least amount of time and effort. Their
work space is orderly and clean. Their possessions are kept in good working order and easy to locate. They are punctual, dependable
and efficient.

Organized people stay on top of the routine actions necessary to successful living. Their cars run well, their desks are clean and their
closets are orderly. They set goals, work out doable plans and figure out their priorities. Because they are organized and ready to
produce, they get more things done than people who are disorganized.

You, too, must be organized to achieve your dreams.

Six Key Ingredients

L. Ron Hubbard lists six essential parts of good organizing.

1. Observation: Before you start, look around. See what needs to be done. Envision a well-organized life or operation.

When organizing your business, your job, your employees or your home, look at the current scene. Do not assume anything. Listen to no
one. Observe for yourself so you can more accurately do the rest of the steps.

2. Planning: List all the steps you will need to take to reach the final result. Break big projects down into small tasks. Make sure each
task is doable and not based on fantasy.

3. Communicating: Talk to those who will be involved in your plan. Ensure they will help you, work with you or do the work.

4. Supervision: Everyone is a supervisor, even if just a supervisor for themselves. Someone has to put things into motion. If no one
supervises the activity, it dies from lack of attention.

5. Production: Until this point, it's been all thinking and talking. Now you take action. Because you have properly organized the activity,
you get more done in less time. Your planning steps will pay off.

You can throw yourself and others into the task. Focus on accomplishment. Do whatever you need to do to make the plan an actuality.

6. Users: Make sure whoever receives your product or service is satisfied. If they get what they need or want, you are successful.

For example, a new software program that is incredibly powerful, is only successful if anyone can use it. If it's too complicated, it will not
lead you to your dreams until you take it one extra mile to the user.

As an employee, your user may be your boss, your customers or your coworkers. Do they love your product or service? Does it exceed
their expectations? If so, you have organized your ultimate success.


NAME your product. Get very specific about what you need to produce or accomplish.

WANT your product. Raise your desire and passion to the highest levels possible.

ORGANIZE yourself and the activity. Use the six ingredients to quickly and efficiently reach your goals.

With all three factors in place, you perform better, accomplish more and make your dreams into reality.

You win!

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