Have Some Fun!

"An individual who can freely and with a
clear heart do things because they're fun is
a very sane person." -- L. Ron Hubbard

What can you do today, simply because it's fun?

Ten Suggestions

1. Call someone who enjoys laughing with you, just for

2. Watch a comedy television show or a funny movie,
just for fun.

3. Act way too dramatic about a problem, just for fun.

4. Do a monkey dance, privately or publically, just for

5. Find some new jokes on the Internet and use them
to make the people around you laugh, just for fun.

6. Go roller skating, fly kites or go bowling with your
family, just for fun.

7. If you are a perfectionist, deliberately make a
mistake, just for fun.

8. Make some loud, enthusiastic sounds. For example,
yell "WONDERFUL!" when you hear some good news,
just for fun.

9. Take some kids to the zoo, a park or a water slide,
just for fun.

10. Find a reason to give someone a high five or a
back slap, just for fun.

Improve your sanity by having some fun today!


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