How to Boost Your Personal Power

The greater your personal power, the greater your success. The method for increasing your personal power in this week's article was
described by L. Ron Hubbard in 1958.

"Power is contained in the ability to maintain a position in space. If you can't maintain a position in space you will never
have any power." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Try this demonstration. Put a coin on your desk. Move it around with the tip of your finger. Now, with your thumb, firmly press down on the
coin. Make it hold a position. Try to move it around with a finger. Because the coin holds its position, it has power.

Holding a position on a principle is very important for your personal power. For example, someone at your job says, “Will you tell the
boss I met my quota so I can get a bonus?” You say, “No, sorry, I can't lie for you.” No matter what the person tries to make you lie, you
hold a position.

Do you remember a time when you held a position on something that was important to you? But then someone convinced you to change
your mind? How did you feel?

Do you remember another time when you held a position on something important? No matter what anyone said, you stuck to your idea?
How did you feel?

Three More Examples

1. Joe is happily married to June. One day, Joe runs into his ex-girlfriend. She says, “I sure miss you! Let's go to my apartment for some
wine, okay?” Joe holds a position on what he knows is right and says, “Great! I'll pick up June on the way because she'd love to meet

2. You decide to stop smoking. After the first day, your body screams, “Get me a cigarette!” You hold a position and refuse. During the
second day, your body says, “I will die if I don't have a smoke you jerk!” You hold a position and eat a carrot. Because you hold a
position, your body's addiction gives up and you become a nonsmoker.

3. You need to finish a report for your boss by morning. Most of the report is in your laptop and you decide to finish it at home. After
dinner, you discover your laptop won't start. You try everything you know to get it working with no success. You call for tech support, but
the computer company is closed. You call a friend who says, “Don't worry. Your boss will understand.”

You decide to hold a position and to make it go right. You pull out a writing pad and start to write. At midnight, your spouse says, “I'm
sure your boss will understand if you don't finish the report. Come to bed!” You feel really tired and decide to climb into bed.

After a few minutes, you decide to hold a position regarding the report. So despite feeling tired and having a bad laptop, you get up and
continue handwriting the report. At 5 AM, you finish the first version. You think, “My boss will understand that it looks sloppy.”

Yet once again, you decide to hold a position. You remember you are a professional.

So you get dressed and arrive at the office an hour early. You use a desk computer to type up the report. By 8 AM, the report is done
and it is perfect. Your boss says, “Thanks.” You feel powerful.

Maintaining Your Power

When you hold a position on a constructive, beneficial position, you earn respect and support. The people around you realize you have
good intentions and that you usually do the right thing. They learn they can trust you.

For example, a friend says, “Don't tell the store you dropped the television. Just take it back and tell them it didn't work in the first place.”

You say, “No, I'll tell the truth and try to work something out.”

Later, your friend calls and says, “You were right about the TV. Can you help me with my investments? I know I can trust you.”

When an antisocial person holds a position on destructive or evil positions, he or she eventually fails. Most people in this world prefer
good intentions. Sooner or later, they learn who has bad intentions and withdraw support or fight back.

For example, a coworker says, “Let's have some fun and all go get drunk!” At first, a few people go with him, but they soon discover he is
an alcoholic and gets mean when he's drunk. No matter how often he holds a position and demands that people go with him, he ends up
drinking alone.

Holding a position to destroy something good, hurt someone or prove others are wrong is a poor use of your personal power. You may
win the battle, but you lose respect, trust and support.

Holding a position to do good is an excellent use of your personal power. You make a more successful, happier life for you and others.
You win the battle and earn respect, trust and support.


1. Write down five examples where you should hold a position.

For example, times when you let people push you around. Situations where you should say, “No” or “Yes” but you back down. Attitudes,
reactions or habits for which you should take a stand.

2. Select an easy item on the list that will benefit you and others if you hold a position on it. Write down how you will hold your ground.

3. Do it! Hold a position on this thing as soon as possible. Notice how you feel.

4. Continue to strengthen your personal power by holding your position with tougher and tougher situations, especially those positions
that help you and others succeed.

5. You will find it gets easier and easier to hold your position in space. You become more powerful than ever before.
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