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People Who Want You To Fail!
Who Is Stopping You? (Part Four)

The greatest barrier to your success is not the economy, your work habits or
your lack of opportunities. Your greatest source of stress is not money or the
weather or any physical thing.

The biggest source of business problems, career difficulties and personal
stress is the antisocial personality. The type of person who is devious,
mean-spirited, cruel, hostile or negative. This is the one who openly or
secretly opposes you, cuts you down and causes you trouble.

After you change your relationship with an antisocial person, you feel relief.
You sleep better, eat better and feel better.

When you remove the influence of antisocials in your life, you succeed more
than you fail. You have more confidence. You have less opposition between
you and your goals.

You might find it hard to believe that certain people really want to hold you
down. It's a fact of life that is hard to face. But once you remove the influence
of antisocial people in your life, you will feel relief, new energy and a new
sense of happiness.

Characteristic #5

"Surrounding such a personality we find cowed* or ill associates or
friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a
crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding." -- L. Ron Hubbard
(*cowed: intimidated, frightened)

Like most people, you have good intentions and try to improve your life. But
then you talk to an antisocial. He or she makes you feel like you are failing.

"You're so weak! Act like a grownup. Get a real job. Don't be such an idiot!
Why do you torture me with your failings? Where did you learn that dumb
idea? You don't know what you're doing."

If you believe statements like these, you feel afraid. You may get sick. Your
production and income will not improve.

With willpower, you may fight your way out of the mental turbulence and start
to succeed . . . for a while. But the antisocial will continue to look for ways to
bring you down.

The stress of such situations is extreme. The stress can make you ill. As
long as you are associated with the antisocial, you may never recover from
an illness.

When you talk to an antisocial, you may feel all kinds of emotions: rage, grief,
apathy and so on.

The opposite is true with a social person.

"The friends and associates of a social personality tend to be well,
happy and of good morale." -- L. Ron Hubbard

The social person helps you increase your productivity. When you make a
large amount of money, he or she is delighted and never jealous. You can
trust the social personality.

Some social persons have powerful personalities. They help you solve
problems. They lift your spirits. They can even make you feel healthy!

Have you ever felt wonderful after talking to someone? You are talking to a
social personality. He or she wishes you success.


Pay attention to your moods this week. Notice how you feel after talking to
each person in your life.

Do you feel happier? More energetic? Optimistic?

Or do you feel frightened or intimidated? A little bit sick? Upset or depressed?

If the same person continually brings you down or adds to your stress, you
probably have an antisocial person right in front of you.

Reduce his or her influence in your life and you'll feel great!

To read L. Ron Hubbard's complete article, which covers all 12
characteristics of the antisocial personality, go to

The first four characteristics of an antisocial person are covered in previous
TipsForSuccess articles which you can read at Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
Part 5.

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