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People Who Want You To Fail!
Who Is Stopping You? (Part Five)

Some of the greatest barriers to your success are antisocial people. When
you are not under their influence, you perform at your best. When you are not
opposed, it's much easier to reach your goals.

As outlined in "Who Is Stopping You?" parts 1-4, a person with an antisocial
personality speaks in generalities ("Everyone thinks you have problems"),
likes to talk about bad news ("Did you hear about the murders?") and
worsens the news ("Experts say we should expect even more terrorist attacks
very soon!").

When around antisocial people, you feel frightened, upset, intimidated, sick
or depressed. Once you identify these people, and remove their influence
over your life, you feel new energy, optimism and joy.

Wrong Targets

"6. The antisocial personality habitually selects the wrong target." "If a
tire is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a
noncausative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud,
he or she kicks the cat." "If A is the obvious cause, the antisocial
personality inevitably blames B, or C or D." -- L. Ron Hubbard

War, murder and terrorism are, of course, wrong targets. Killing people
resolves nothing. Yet an antisocial person actually claims more death is good
or moral.

For example, Charles Manson persuaded his followers to commit several
murders. He testified he was trying to improve the "establishment." Obviously,
he selected the wrong targets to improve anything.

When psychiatrists select wrong targets, they look silly. "His chemical
imbalance is the reason he keeps hitting his wife." "She can't learn to hold a
job because she had a bad childhood." "Sex is the root of all mental

Prejudice and biased views are also good examples of wrong targets. "I'm
poor because of white Americans." "The gay neighbors are a threat to my
marriage." "I can't get a job because of immigrants."

You see examples of wrong targets every day: The driver behind you blames
you for making him late for work. The patient blames his doctor for his
cancer. A man can't pay his bills and so blames his boss.

If you select incorrect targets, you do not succeed. "If I make my competitors
look bad, I'll get rich." "All managers are liars." "The only way to get ahead is
to cheat."

Antisocials pick the wrong targets, wrong problems and wrong solutions.
Conditions around them get worse and worse.

Correct Targets

As a social personality, you select correct targets. If the tire is flat, you fix the
hole in the tire. You don't kick your dog or yell at your friend. You fix the tire.

When social personalities are running countries, you have improved
conditions because the leaders find and handle the correct targets. For
example, Egypt and Israel were bitter war enemies until the U.S. President
convinced the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of Egypt to
communicate. These three leaders were social personalities who ignored the
antisocial people around them. They successfully negotiated their differences
during a 13-day meeting in 1978. To this day, Egypt and Israel remain at

Social personalities succeed in business because they find the correct
targets to their business problems. "We don't have any new customers
because we stopped advertising." "We earned more money this month
because our service was outstanding." "The more we train our employees,
the faster we expand."

Social people help you because they find correct targets. "You are broke
because you don't control your spending." "Your ex-girlfriend left you
because you never found out what she really wanted." "Your kids will help
you clean the house if you thank them each time they help."

When you select correct targets, you also open the door to your personal
success. "Being kind to people makes them want to help me." "I'm fat
because I eat lots of junk food and never exercise." "If I constantly learn new
skills and work hard, I'll make more money."
When you hit the correct target, fix the correct problem or use the correct
solution, conditions improve.


Train yourself to find the correct targets so you have more success in life.
1. Think of a condition around you that is getting worse. Three examples:
A. Your job is not as fun as it used to be.
B. Your bills are growing and you have no cash to spend.
C. Your marriage is getting worse and you do not love your spouse.
2. Check if you just might be working on the wrong target, wrong problem or
wrong solution.
A. Many of the employees think the boss is being a jerk.
B. You think the economy is so bad, making more money is highly unlikely.
C. After flirting with your ex, you decide to not tell your spouse.
3. See who is behind the wrong target or wrong idea you have. This is the
anti-social at work.
A. Every day, your co-worker Joe blames the boss for something.
B. You realize you think the economy is so bad from watching the news.
C. You remember hearing a psychologist recommend people keep secrets
from their spouses, ". . . so no one gets hurt."
4. Find the correct target, correct problem and correct solution.
A. You realize Joe is the only one who has a problem with the boss.
B. You find success stories of people who made it on their own and realize
you can do the same.
C. You decide you like an honest marriage and tell your spouse about the
5. Continue using the correct target until the condition improves.
A. You ask your boss what you can do to get ahead and he gives you
excellent advice each week.
B. You take control of your spending, increase your income and pay off your
C. You and your spouse stop arguing and your marriage becomes better

than before.
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characteristics of the antisocial personality, go to

The first four characteristics of an antisocial person are covered in previous
TipsForSuccess articles which you can read at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and
Part 4.

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