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    Dear Viewer,

    Is your community safe? Is there something you
    can do to make your community safer? A safe
    community is a community that looks out for
    one another. A safe community is one that
    takes responsibility for supporting its members
    and ensuring that each and every person in
    that community is valued.

    The Way to Happiness® book
    helped other communities. It can
    help yours!


In November and December of 2007 Nancy
Cartwright and Happy House funded the
distribution of one million The Way to
Happiness® books to homes in the San
Fernando Valley, California,  in 3 different

In February the Daily news reported that violent
crime rate in the San Fernando Valley of Los
Angeles dropped 40% and in August 2008 the
LA Times reported the San Fernando Valley
had the "Safest Summer Since 1967"
You CAN do something to make your own community
safer! Order your own personalized
The Way to Happiness book

The Way to Happiness is the world's most widely read book on happiness and common
sense values, with over 64-million copies distributed in over 90 languages.

The Way to Happiness is also a vital, international grassroots campaign to bring these
commonsense values to our children, the man in the street, the businessperson, the
employee, the politician and all mankind.
Join us in this campaign to help others on their way to happiness by distributing your
own personalized edition of The Way to Happiness for less than the cost of a greeting
The Way to Happiness Personalized Cover books are sold in packages or bundles of
12 books for $21 per package. The book is 76 pages long including illustrations with a
beautiful 4 color glossy cover and is available in 93 languages.

Click here to order your Personalized Cover Books
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