"I was having trouble in school and getting along with other kids. I got kicked out of one school for it. Then I read The Way to
Happiness booklet. I started talking to kids instead of fighting. I could see their point of view easier than before. I made a lot more
friends and kept them. It was great!" -- Scott, 10 year old

Display The Way to Happiness in your classroom, staff room or office:  
Available in both English and Spanish. Cost: $12.95 U.S. per poster.

Poster measures 18 inches by 27 inches in full color on sturdy gloss paper. Can be displayed as-is or framed.

Uses: Display at home, in school rooms, study areas, children's rooms, club activity areas, office staff rooms, etc.

           Order your Illustrated poster now!

The Way to Happiness® Illustrated Poster is a great tool for parents and teachers to help children learn
these important values and principles from The Way to Happiness book.
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the Way to Happiness poster
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