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The following “Thank You” letters were received by people
that distributed their own “The Way to Happiness®” booklets.

Words cannot express how delighted I am with “The Way to Happiness” booklets. It should be the text book used to teach all parenting
classes (and School Classes and on and on) because it is the total answer to healing our world. It is complete, concise and easily

Thank you for sending it to me. I gave the first one away the same day it arrived because I couldn't wait to share it. I hope everyone you
sent a copy to is as impressed and motivated as I.

At times it can be difficult to express how we feel after reading something so powerful as “The Way to Happiness” and even more difficult to put it in
writing. Yet, I find it easy to say that it is the most dynamic piece of literature I have ever been blessed to receive.

And that is not said lightly, for I have read thousands of books covering almost as many topics and have never read anything so small with so few
words that can actually govern every aspect of a person's life.

There is not a problem facing the world today that this little book of common sense cannot solve. It can be used to run a household or a business.
Governments can be lead by it! The tone of a nation could be set by it. And if I were to run a school, a college, or any form of instruction or teaching
of others, it would be a mandatory course!

It is without question, the most powerful non-religious book in the world and I would challenge anyone to bring a problem of life to me that I cannot
solve with this book!


The Way to Happiness is the world's most widely read book on happiness and common sense values, with over
80-million copies distributed in over 90 languages.

The Way to Happiness is also a vital, international grassroots campaign to bring these commonsense values to our children, the man in
the street, the businessperson, the employee, the politician and all mankind.

Join us in this campaign to help others on their way to happiness by distributing your own personalized edition of
The Way to
for less than the cost of a greeting card!
The Way to Happiness
book is available with
customized covers,
allowing you to truly
make it your own.
Be a celebrity
in your area!
The Way to Happiness Custom Cover books are sold in packages or bundles of 12 books for $21 per
package. The book is 76 pages long including illustrations with a beautiful 4 color glossy cover and is
available in 93 languages.

Click here choose a custom cover design for your The Way to Happiness Custom Cover Books

Read The Way to Happiness online
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