The Value of Communication

I went to bigbucks coffee house as I wanted a change of environment and another excellent cup of
coffee. I had a feeling that I would get a new title. I actually got two titles so I was double right!

I'm going to loosely define communication. It has a technical definition that is exact but I'm not
going to look it up and quote it.

Communication is the exchange of information. It can be as slight as noticing the corner of the
room. You've communicate as you now know exactly how far away it is. You gained some

Verbal communication is definitely part of communication. By speaking and writing, we convey


Before you can communicate you must have someone's attention.

Have you ever waved at a friend who didn't notice you?

That example demonstrates without attention from your friend, there can be no communication.

Creating Effects

There is another extremely important aspect of communication. There must be communication
before any effect can be created.

If you fail to get someone's attention, there is no effect created.

“The highest purpose in the Universe is the creation of an effect.” quote by L. Ron Hubbard from
Scientology 08 The Book of Basics, page 58.

Man is social. That means he or she likes to be around others. What is the point of doing things if
no one ever sees your work? We create art to create effects on others!

The Cocoon Effect

Today's electronic involvement has allowed many people to settle down into almost cocoons. I
observed a large portion of the guest using an electronic device. They appeared to be completely
oblivious to the other people present.

There was no communication taking place that I could observe.

Perhaps the're were busy texting or emailing others but they were not in communication with the
people around them. They didn't notice me even though I was observing them.

Lack of Awareness

Their lack of awareness of their present time environment could be dangerous.

When they closed the computer or put away the phone, would they become aware of their
environment or continue being out of communication?

Two articles expand upon this area:
Electronics, People out of Communication and Awareness.

Being in present time, being aware, are direct indicators of a person's survival potential.

Being unaware, or of present time, causes accidents and mistakes. People driving die from not
noticing other vehicles.


I often see infants that are very aware of what's going on around them. They are very much in
present time.

Very clearly, they are very alive. I love to catch their attention and admire them. They get my
thoughts very easily. They certainly respond to a smile or a wave.

Have you ever seen someone dying? Did they look keen, sharp and very aware or kind of dead?
Do you think they were in present time or out if it almost completely? If they were drugged, they
were not in present time and their awareness was vastly reduced.

The communication level of a person depends on their aliveness. If they are in present time and
aware, communication is easy and fun. The reverse would be trying to communicate with
someone on drugs or drunk!


Your communication is very valuable to those around you. If you ignore your spouse or boss, you'll
get the negative response as they will miss your communication.

It requires a lot of communication to maintain a happy relationship. I value my wife's
communication. I value the communication I get from my social networks, from my friends and
family! I value your communication. I'm as alive as I communicate and I do a lots of communication.

You can put down the “smart phone” and talk to someone. Close the computer and walk around. I
often to out for coffee to help sharpen my awareness!

Being aware of how alive you are, how much you are in present time, gives you a chance to do
something to improve your condition in life.

Give someone the gift of your communication! They will appreciate it!

If you need gentle assistance, contact me.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly
what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. I have no products that
you need to buy to get better. A little true knowledge can go a long way. I also do not ask that
you believe anything!

You are worthy of help as I know you have already helped many others and life probably owes

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

Feel Free to Communicate with Me!

I am open to communication. Email me Carl @ carlwattsartist .com (remove spaces. Call me and
leave a message 818_400_2035.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on
or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for
new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

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