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Rohnert Park, CA – Brian Gardner has been a performer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years, since
1969, when he started playing the drums.  He now showcases his songwriting as a singer, guitarist and
percussionist.  Gardner has been an anti-drug advocate since 1979 and has recently come up with a unique
way to celebrate his 40th year as a performer and as well, doing something positive for the world by
encouraging citizens of all ages to get involved in their communities. Gardner explains:

“I’ve started this grass roots movement to encourage people to work in their communities by devoting at least
1-hour of their personal time to some type of volunteer activity. I call it the “1- Hour - A - Week - Campaign”.  
Everybody can devote at least 1 hour a week towards the varied things one can do that come under the
heading of community service work. One can read to a child, visit a retirement home or just be a friendly
companion to a senior citizen. When one takes a walk, one can bring a bag and pick up any trash along the
path.  People are always needed to do a variety of tasks for community service organizations.  Pick the one
you would like to support, give them a call and I guarantee they
will gladly take your 1 hour a week of
donated time, said Gardner.”

“The “list” of things that people can do is virtually endless.  The population for the greater Bay Area is about
7.1 million.  The world has 6.7 billion people!  Imagine if just 1 percent of the world’s population hears about
my campaign! What gets me excited is that if even only 1 percent of the world’s entire population starts doing
their 1- hour a week, that would be 67 million community service hours a week! Our cities, our country, the
world would be a
different place to live in, to work in and to raise a family in!  Just imagine the changes and
the bettered living environment our world would become if such a movement catches on.  

Citizens all over the country would see crime rates start to drop as more people were doing their 1-hour by
being un-hired security eyes so that burglaries, for instance, were lessened.  And how many drug pushers,
rapists or other criminally intentioned people would continue these types of activities if they knew that citizens
all over the
world were now taking back the streets and taking full responsibility for their communities?

I am aware that some people are already doing this type of volunteer work, many are doing more than 1 hour
a week.  The people I am trying to reach with this campaign are those that aren’t doing any, because I firmly
believe that
everyone can donate 1 hour a week to such activities – no matter how old they are, no matter
what religion, race or creed one follows.  This is a campaign that
everyone can be a part of!” said Gardner.

Gardner performs at retirement homes, does radio shows on community topics, does volunteer work in his
community and is now involved with getting the message out about his 1 - Hour - A - Week campaign.

“If even only a small percentage of those that hear about my campaign, start to do their 1 hour a week or
more – it will mean that as an individual I was able to make a positive difference in the world!  I believe that
everyone can do the same thing.  And it starts with doing just…1 hour a week.” Gardner pointed out.

Brian Gardner can be reached by writing to him at:
The 1 - Hour - A - Week  Campaign, P.O. Box 503, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.
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