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The Ability to Create Illusions
or The Creation of an Illusion

After just a fleeting thought
The lightest form of an idea

There it was
On the table
Right next to me

I felt I must hold it back
The tiger of orange and black
A huge magnificent creature
A creation of my adventure

I put my palm against its muzzle
Effectively thwarting its advance

I could feel the dangerously hot breath
I could smell the tiger’s musty odor  

Thankful the others hadn’t noticed the tiger
Thankful they weren’t frightened,
Not often in the city,
Does anyone get to see
Such an immense kitty

But it made my heart leap
Fearing the tiger would leap too
The image startlingly solid even to me
An image created but only me to see

But wait, I believe you see it too
Listen, the deep purr
Get the smell, the deep vibrations
Ah! No worries! Just
Scratch behind his ears
Get the feel of the fine fur

Don’t stop
He hasn’t been fed…

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This is Max my friend's horse