The Beauty of Life

As I sit writing
I think of others
I look out beyond the halls
Far past the building’s walls

From right here
A bird I hear
Far away
Happy today

Down on the corner
Men stand in desperation
No work, little hope
Should I spread some cheer

From where I sit
I could pervade and bring hope
I could approximate their space
Filling it with cheer

Life is grand
There’s still hope for man
But we have to move
Take actions to halt the evil

Halt evil or just make it good
Seem impossible
But has anyone tried
Anything is possible

ont you join me
Help man be free
Spread over the land
Put cheer into man

Seek out the troubled
Calm their brow
Bring so much goodness
That the blackness turns white

Ah, now they see the light
It’s working, I’m winning
Brilliance is spreading
Just expand and settle over man

Man is part of me
I am part of man
I’ll comfort man
I’ll calm the noise

You’re there too
It’s a big job
Convert some darkness
Light the way

Let’s push man up
Bring him out of the mud
Into the true light of day
Can you see this future

See the brightness
See man free

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Page created 4/17/09
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