In the past, I posted several messages on my social

    1. What make America a nation?
    2. What makes a nation a nation?
    3. What do Americans have in common?
    4. What is a nation?
    5. What makes the USA a country?
    6. How could you make the USA happier and stronger?
    7. Are you supporting your nation by your own consent?
    8. Are you forced to be a citizen?
    9. What actions makes a person a citizen?

And usually when I pose questions I hope that will make people think, I have a
very good idea of the answers. Usually, I am totally certain of the answers.

But with these questions, I only had a vague idea. It wasn't really clear and I
was hoping for some feedback to help me crystallize my thoughts.

While I did get some feedback, the answers were vague and mostly guesses.
They didn't know either.

By the way, those questions apply to every nation on Earth or any other place!

Then the answer came to me!

"The Constitution"

It is The Constitution that makes America what it is. It makes the nation, the
country. It is what we have in common.

Originally, our founding fathers wrote up this document based on their
struggles with England and the King. We fought a war because of injustices.

With these battles fresh in their minds, the founding fathers set out to create a
nation that would not soon become an “England” in the future. (I have no
problems with England today. Though their government may be or may not be
any better than ours :-)

The founding fathers wanted to guarantee Americans
had rights and freedoms

These rights and freedoms, they outlined in the constitution. They did not
want the federal government to have certain powers. This too was spelled out
in the constitution. The government
was created by the Constitution.

They wanted the States to have certain powers and spelled that out clearly.

It is based on the strength of this document that America has stayed strong.

Where The Constitution was found lacking, there were amendments made.

The Constitution was a solid agreement amongst our
founding fathers.

This agreement created America. America is a created reality.

The amendments were further agreements. These agreements altered the
reality, America.

The Constitution is the strength of America today.

America's strength came from the alignment of our people created by this
document, by the agreements, the reality these agreements created!

The amendments further aligned the peoples of America giving us more

The Constitution, the amendments, freedom of speech, religion, the right to
bear arms, each gave freedom to Americans.

For a comparison, take a nation with no guarantees of rights, no alignment by
a common agreed upon document. They do not have a shared reality. Each
man is working for himself only, there is no alignment, no team work.

Have you ever seen great free efforts from an oppressed people? No they are
busy trying to survive in the confusion, fighting each other and the
“government” or ruling forces!

This is a reality!

By guaranteeing freedoms, people are allowed to be self-determined. Free
people, self-determined people are powerful and work hard. They work

America is The Constitution. It's written out agreements have created this
nation. Every point of it must be preserved or the vast majority must agree
upon changes before they are made!

If we allow a single point to be eroded, it weakens the whole, weakens the
alignment, weakens America.

The Fourth of July is our nation's birthday. To be able to continue to celebrate
this  event in the future, we must work now to keep the Constitution strong
against all efforts, well intended or out right bad efforts, to erode our rights!

Those forces, groups, individual people that are trying to
bypass the Constitution, weakening the Constitution are
working to destroy America.

Passing a law that is contrary to The Constitution greatly damages America. It
shatters the agreements that make us a great nation.

Any group can have some differences but with adequate open honest
communication, those differences can be vanished.  

Back room deals, hidden and dishonest efforts to get bills passed, that have
not even been read, are acts of treason to the American people.

Dishonesty, secrecy, deceit, back room deals, are the  
tools of traitors.

Those efforts by corrupt lawmakers and their puppet masters, pulling the
strings, are Treasonous.

Their efforts are a direct attack on the strength of America. They are directly
attacking the very agreements that created this country, this nation, America!
They are attacking The Constitution!

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There is a solution.

Read The Constitution. Get others to read it.
Americans must know their rights!

There are too many good Americans that have supported these back room
agreements because they do not know The Constitution, do not know what
the federal government should be doing and should not be doing.

Lack of agreement, lack of alignment, due to ignorance of many Americans
gives support to traitors. This ignorance and misdirected support is allowing
the bad guys to slowly destroy America. It happens so slowly it is barely
noticed...but the destruction, the erosion of our hard won rights is happening.

You need to know the agreement that made America great. You need to read
The Constitution. If you have difficulty, there are summaries. Here's a good
"The People's Guide to the United States Constitution” by Dave Kluge.

Also, you can obtain copies of The Constitution from The Heritage

In closing, America is strong because we have fought for
our freedom, for human and civil rights over and over.

Vote! Write congress. The fight will never be over.
Governments, Solution For.

The cost of freedom is the constant awareness of threats to your freedom and
a willingness to defend freedom itself!

The wrong thing to do this Fourth of July is NOTHING.

Take some action.

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There are so so many great Americans and so very few really bad people
trying to destroy our nation.

Know who are our friends by their actions. Don't listen to their words, their
beautiful speeches.

Don't trust one source for your information. Main stream media is totally
controlled and paid to print/broadcast specific viewpoints. The media lives off
fear and confusion. They are not trustworthy! See related article
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News Media is Used to Control Us.

Also, on the internet, watch the source as the bad guys lie and act like they
are “trying to help”. Help that is really treason.
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We know who committed the 9/11 crimes. But who was responsible for these

You can gain the answer by asking, “Who is profiting?”

But this is not about the insane criminal actions of 9/11. It's more about the
resulting actions of our government afterward!

This is about the broad lessening our rights in the name of security.

Factually since the government has stepped up security, I feel more need for
concern than ever. The concern is about our government and what it may do
to dominate the population!
Governments, Solution For.

The wrong thing to do this Fourth of July is NOTHING.

This is YOUR America. Protect it by learning, by acting, communicating.
Know your rights and stand up for them! See my related article:

If you would like data, sources for what I believe to be true data, contact me.

Have a very happy and active Fourth of July celebrating our nation's birthday
and taking actions to keep America strong and in agreement via The


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