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The Day I Looked

Time seemed to stretch out into a past of infinity
Yet the past is so near, not far gone
Space seems to go on forever
Stretching myself out, I can go beyond

Limits seem to be imposed on me
Limits imposed keeping me from being free
Barriers and traps keeping me inside
Keeping me from being outside free

I found the 8 by 8 cell was small
Looking I found it small not at all
Placing the galaxy inside the room
Left plenty of space for me to roam

As I looked I found space to be less great than me
I saw that time was only a misunderstood creation of mine
Matter was said to be solid tho inside of it I could be
Suddenly, no longer imprisoned, I was free!

Limitations weren’t space nor time
Matter didn’t matter.
All were creations of mine!
The only limits were in my mind!

As I reread this poem, I didn't change a thing. That's rare because there is always
nother way to say something. But my friend, you are a good person.
You know this even tho you've messed up and boy have you been told about that.
I invite you to increase your looking and see what is out there. Go out and get some
space. Only talk with friends that validate you avoiding those

that "criticize you to help you" or "criticize you in your best interest!"
If you are an artists, you are a magnet for this type "Help"! Bull! It's not help.

If you need some help without being told what to do or what to think,
contact me.
Have a great day! Carl

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