The Death of U.S. Tourism

It is a short tale of how the past created the future and the death of international tourism to the once great United States of America by
Carlos Alien.

It began in the past with a group whom I fear to name lest I disappear in the night.

They financed and achieved a victory for darkness. An unknown man with no papers was elected President.

He brought massive changes against the will of the people. Changes which are still inflecting suffering on the
people. America was declared bankrupt in 2011. Now, no nation will accept the Imperial Crown note! This was the
new money to replace the Fed Note.

The next year, elections were canceled by Homeland-Special O Forces because they “feared the greatest voter turn
out in history might turn into a riot.”

It did. The voters rioted because of the canceled elections. There were massive deaths and Martial law was
declared. It has never been lifted. The mass graves were Nazi like in efficiency.

Unable to support it's greed from the down trodden and impoverished citizens, the Empire set it's site's on new
money: Foreigners.

For some unknown reason, people from other parts of the world wanted to come and marvel at the ruins in the
American cities. I guess it was like in the past when Americans would go visit Rome to see the ruins there.

The Emperor's new interpretation of the law (now just an Imperial Decree different from day to day) was that all
travelers had to have Imperial Healthcare or pay the fines for not having an approved healthcare plan. A few of the
bankers, oil companies and big pharma could affort to travel and they had been exempted from Imperial Healthcare.

Since the only “approved” health was the “Imperial Healthcare”, the visitors either had to get a years healthcare or
pay the heavy fine in their currency. A few were wealthy enough paid the find. Most decided to turn around and avoid
the penalty.

Once word of the fines, for not having Imperial Healthcare, got around, tourism stopped. Business travelers were
exceedingly rare. They too had to have Imperial Healthcare!

Most international flights into America ceased as no one would come to the nation only to pay huge fines. Americans
could not afford to fly out of the country and if they did, most often when they returned,  they were jailed by Homeland-
Special O Forces as terrorist. This allowed the Empire to cease all their assets!

Interstate travel was done only rarely because of the taxes on crossing state lines. These were imposed to pay for
the war against terrorism.

It was a matter of history that the war on terrorism had been manufactured. The 9/11 attack had been staged by the
old US Government and by those that I dare not mention! The only terrorists were our leaders and their allies. After
the constitution was canceled, it's rumored tht the Emperor wrote a new set of laws. No one has seen the Imperial

But back on track with today, high schools, colleges, and universities have all most all been closed to allow the
people to work in the Empire's factories and farms. There are a few Imperial Schools reserved for training what those
few Empire thinks they must have educated to keep a crushing grip on the population.

There is rumor that the name America will soon be changed to “O-land” in favor of the Emperor.

Anyway, that is part of the history of the death of tourism, the death of America and the death of the American way of

I certified this is true to the best of my memory,

Carlos Alien                                                                                                See other articles by Carlos:
 Prop 8 and Civil Rights or Civil Righteousness     

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