The Harmonica Player
(a poem about Doctor Fun)

I can see the harmonica player
as if with no instrument
in the band
Just something
in his hand

The music starts
but he stands still
as if he forgot
to begin
still standing
as if it were no sin

My attention turns to others
weaving invisible notes
into a song that grows
steadily more complex
featuring one
and then the next

With an invisible beginning
and an invisible end
the harmonies
insinuate themselves
within the framework
of a song
bringing everyone

I did not notice
when he began
could not see
more than occasional
lifting fingers
effortless grace
he stays
in one place

Always perfectly placed
without overpowering
catching the phrase
that needs embellishment
with invisible notes
floating in air
like ethereal boats

They reach
beyond our ears
to touch the soul
was that
the harmonica player's goal?

- Sioux Hart   (October 2009)
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