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The Juggler

I stood on the top
It could have been a mountain
But it was not, it was just the top
Space was all about me

Above me and below me
Space, stars and planets
Things in motion, nothing stagnant
I grabbed a large orb by the tail
A comet it was of ice and hail

I grabbed planets and moons
And reached higher, needed more room
I started to juggle with wild delight
Quickly I added some stars
To give the heavens some light

An interesting game played in the dark of space
Juggling the stars and planets across the heavens
Confused motions caused by sucking black holes
A celestial juggling game, my moves so bold

No one even knowing my name
No one even watching the game

I let them all fall through the vast space
Two black holes collapsed into each other
Boooooom, A new galaxy swirled in place
The moons took up orbits, planets found suns

A small dim yellow star far from the center
I wished life to be, a place for life to enter
Life to flourish in the tiny planetary splinter
A comet swung around in a floppy orbit off center

I should visit the planet, but not today,
I’ll wonder off searching for a game to play

A difficult game, I’ll forget even my name.
I’ll pretend to be a human, a body with no name
Pretend I’m not the juggler and not knowing
That should be interesting not knowing
I wonder if there are more jugglers pretending

I glanced about. Other artists were here!
Their true abilities unknown, nothing was clear
If I could remember far back to that day
If I could only remember how we got this way

I could turn to tossing stars in play
Lighting the heavens, a big game to play
Some day! But what am I thinking.
I’m but a body, my space is still shrinking
Seventy trips around the sun and I’m done

No wait! I start to remember!
The ground begins to tremble
Planets and stars start flying about
I’m the juggler, now I remember
No piece of meat do I resemble

My universe all over the place
A marvelous game standing on the top
As far as I can see, lots of space
Suns are in place, nothing I want to stop
Life is flourishing all over the place

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