The Secret Way

I’ll share a truth, a secret
You’ll believe it not
It’s been told to you
In many different ways

You can be free
See, you don’t see
You’ve looked before
You’ve met a slamming door

You were once an infinity
Still you are but unknown
You’ve pulled in
And in and in and in

So small so trapped
So weak so convinced
But only you hold the door firm
You create the bars strong

The media makes it dangerous
You dare not go out
Fear is sold and pushed 24/7
How could you possibly expand

You dare not take the risk
You could get smaller
You could get hurt or die
You could end

I challenge you my friend
Take a chance, reach out
What makes you happy
Do or enjoy that

What makes you sad, afraid
Don’t do those
Helping others is a joy
Help someone

Even if only with a smile
Let someone in front of you
Lending a helping hand
Help our fellow man

When your efforts seem to fail
It doesn’t matter
Put out another
Just put out another smile

There is no real failure
Only you quitting,
Not pushing through
No matter how explained
You know this is true

A smile can spread
A frown certainly does
Smile and help another
Frown and we’ll all be dead

Should you smile twice
Help others three times
Expand again and again and again
There is your freedom, close at hand

Withdraw, get smaller
You’ll not reach the stars
You’ll not even see them
The stars are close, if you expand

The secret is…it takes only a decision
Create joy and happiness
You’ll experience the same
Make that decision to expand
The decision to create a future for man

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