So how big are you thinking? If you're talking about physical doingness, put your goal at the top but
grab the first rung in order to get to the second.

If you're talking about general achievements, some people just hit the top right off. But most of us need
to first get the full data and totally understand that. Next, take baby steps, while continuing to learn fully
each step along the way.

Anything that you can practice or drill should be done until you have mastered each step in practice
before in real life. It's like the soft spoon or training wheels. It is true many of us started with steel
spoons and no training wheels so be the master of your own progress. Just be advised that falling off
hurts and that failure is simply quitting. Nothing else is true.

I believe that you can do or achieve anything you set as your goal. So think big. You'll never get to the
moon, shooting for the tree tops. Shoot for the stars and the moon will be easy.

I coached a young man. He wanted to help animals and was going to be a vet. I suggested the way to
help a lot more animals was to make sure the owners were healthy. A healthy human might have many
pets and keep them health. The young man, now a father, is an accomplished medical doctor with
many healthy patients.


Very often in achieving your dreams or goals you run into obstacles such as not having materials.
Sometimes you don't have all the data or knowledge. You can obtain materials. You can learn the
knowledge or invent it!

The most deadly obstacle is the negative personality. They can kill your progress, make you go
backwards. They make you think it is impossible. They make nothing of your dreams and ambitions.
You're nothing, powerless, a pathetic loser according to them. Get rid of them!

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I can assist anyone in achieving anything so think big. There are barriers to accomplishment but all can
be overcome! There is also a lot of doingness that often has to be done in route!

Together you and I are greater than any problem or goal you wish to address or accomplish.  

The Way To Happiness if distributed broadly will help us all achieve bigger things in life.

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself :-)

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Thinking Big

Wow, that's a great title if I do say so myself.

There are a lot of people that try to be inspirational and very often, they are
very successful.

However, it's been my experience to see those inspired or motivated cease to
be when they leave the room. Have you ever experienced this? You hear a
great speaker, you make lots of notes and decisions. Then you go home and
do the same things you did before listening to the speaker?

I believe there are several things that are happening that cause this. Are you

Part of a Team

When you have the company or support of someone else, your combined
strengths and powers exceed the sum of your individual totals. It is an
observable phenomena. That's one reason you like to be with someone else
when doing something new. The other person is back up even if they don't
know any more than you do or even less.

I'm sure you've seen times when someone comes into a game or team that
you start winning, things get easier, faster. I'm also sure you have seen
examples of times when someone enters and everything start falling apart,
becoming confused and so on!

I have a saying which is true. “Where I am problems solve, areas calm, and
sanity reigns.” This works simply by the addition of my life force, my
awareness and power, to the person's life force and power that is already
there. It becomes me and them against the problem or problems. Two heads
are better than one, three hands are better than two and so on.

So simply being in the presence of a powerful personality ups your power to
think, believe and act. When you leave them, it's only you again and life hits
you just like it did before you were there!

Lack of Adequate Information and Understanding

While listening to the speaker, every thing seems simple. Why not just do this
and do that?

When you get home, you find there were circumstances you did not look at
earlier. You might find that what seemed clear there, now seems unclear,

The other big thing is while listening to the speaker, he helped you blow all
your doubts and reservations away. Now you're away or at home and they all
come flooding back in.

Its all Easy and Fast!

When you get home, you find its not so easy. It doesn't seem to work the way
you were told. It certainly isn't working as fast as you expected.

This could simply be you failed to get all the information, all the procedure or
some data was left out.

Solutions that Work!

The only way a solution will work is if you apply it and get the expected

So here are some solutions for you to apply and see if you get results :-)

First write down clearly all goals, objectives, targets, intentions, exactly what
you are trying to get done. If someone is coaching you, go over your write up
with them, the speaker,  to ensure it is complete.

Can you drill or practice the actions necessary to achieve your goals? If so,
do the drills with the speaker, his staff, your coach. If you can't, go home and
drill them by yourself or with a friend or family member.

Have you ever watched a baby learn to use a spoon? Now there is someone
drilling their manual dexterity! Make sure you use that much effort with that
much persistence on your drills towards your goals. I bet you're pretty good
with a spoon, eh?

Failure is simply quitting. Nothing else is true.

Next, when teaching a baby to use eating utensils, do you start out with a
knife and fork or a soft spoon? To climb a mountain, you start with a first
step. The first step is the spoon. Do not expect to become a master jedi in
one easy lesson.

So ensure that your plans or steps include gradients of achievement. While
the old saying “no pain=no gain” might work in body work outs, a smooth
gradient to learning helps one to master tasks and abilities.
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