Three Wishes

We’ve all heard the tale
How making wishes fails
No! I disagree

Wishes help you be free
Wishes create traps
Wishes create doors
Wishes create freedom

If you could make three
What would you wish for thee
Would you wish for others
Would you wish them free

I’ve thought about wishing
Since I can make all I want
I’m wishing for man
I’m wishing him free

I wish for honesty in Office
Honesty in health
I wish for no insanity, no crime
No hunger, no drugs, no war

I wish for honest money no fiat paper
I wish for a bright future
I wish for man to have rights
I wish you to be happy and free

Since you can wish too
Go ahead and make some
Wish for the stars no less
Don’t let anyone deny

You’re GREAT that why
They seek to keep you down
Wish to be your awesome self
Wish to be free

Make a wish for me
The world is created by wishes
Changed and maintained by wishes
The future will be
Exactly as we wish
Exactly as we create……..

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Page created 4/17/09
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