So you're fairly new to Twitter!

I'd like to welcome you to an adventure that will change your life in a positive

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Twitter is an elite group (for the most part). The people using Twitter are
above average intelligence and ability. Of course this is just my opinion but
it's based on over two years of interaction with so many AWESOME people.

Twitter is not perfect.

In my opinion, there are several areas they could improve.

But first let me deal with the fact you've followed 2001 people and can't
follow any more! That is such a pain!

I will give you some ideas and hopefully help you along.

Before I begin, you need to STUDY Twitter's Rules here:

To continue, I do this because I am trying to change things. See my article:
New Civilization!

No, I don't smile all the time, but almost always! If you hang around a little
while, you will come to know me by my actions, not by my words.

The way to break the 2001 barrier is to get your followers up to 1800.

Then you can follow more!

Technique, How to Grow

So here is the technique that you need to apply.

You have followed 2001 people. If they are not following you back, unfollow
them after a reasonable time.

Personally, I allow 10 days before I unfollow. That is plenty of time.

As a new person, I suggest you only allow 3-5 days and if they don't follow
you, unload them. You can't afford dead wood. They keep you from

I suggest that you give priority to following back those that have followed you
already! Don't leave them hanging if you can prevent it. After so many days,
you may be the “dead wood” that gets unloaded!

On my page,
How2Start/Rapidly grow Twitter w/o spending, I list free
software that may help you unfollow. Some of the rules have changed.

I need to again refer you to Twitter's rules:

In my opinion, make sure you note it's just my opinion, that when you are
new, less than 1800 followers, Twitter seem less strict.  But if you spam or
get a lot of people blocking you, post the same tweet over and over, ie break
the rules, you will get suspended. So don't do it.

One of the less than perfect points is “Aggressive following and unfollowing
is against the rules” Twitter does not define “aggressive.” When you are
new, I believe in this area, they cut you a little slack. But after you break that
2001 barrier, proceed in a relaxed matter.

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Trick of breaking the 2001 barrier is off loading the dead wood.

For some free software to help your job of unfollowing, I have some software
listed on this page "
Twitter Advanced" that is no cost to help you unfollow.

Next don't play the “you follow me first” game. If you're on Twit, you should
not be a young school child.

The trick of getting follower is: YOU FOLLOW OTHER

See my article:“Following Back"

If you do not have a GREAT profile, including a picture of YOU, see my
Twitter Profiles

As I've mentioned, if you're new to Twitter, you should see Twitter Profiles :-)

If you're protecting your Tweets, what the heck are you doing on Twitter?

See my article:  
Protected Tweets* or Restricting Your Life

Twitter is a “social” network!

Well, hopefully I haven't insulted you too much to read and expand.

One more thing you should read since you're new. Twitter suspends for
reasons you will not suspect. They suspend without any warning! It is very
shocking. But It is not the end necessarily. If you do nothing, you will lose the
account forever. I have an article that may help you get your account back:
Suspended! Now What?...click to read!

I am willing to help, follow and ask!
Twitter People are FAR above Average!

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