#AwesomeTeam Defined

If we can impact enough people, perhaps we can turn
the tide of darkness into a flood of light. This is the
purpose of

What is #AwesomeTeam?

I posted the following questions on Twitter. Now I will provide answers to the
questions that are basic to the team. The other questions remain for you to
answer should you chose. Read on please :-)

What is #ODYCY?

@AmberOdycy DEFINITION: " #ACO1"=amber carpa onramp 1. http://amber-
carpa-onramp.weebly.com/ #ODYCY is the journey. I invite you to check
them out by
clicking here. The @AmberOdycy group are extremely strong
supporters of #AwesomeTeam. Together they mention #AwesomeTeam up
to 3000 times a day. You can see why I include #ODYCY in my tags.

What are the elements of a group?

A group is a collection of people with a common plan and a common goal.
They work together to accomplish their goals! This plan and goal are
explained in the articles "
Governments, Solution For," “How I use Twitter &
Why” and “New Civilization

Does #AwesomeTeam have these elements?

Yes, it does. Read the articles "Governments, Solution For,"“How I use
Twitter & Why”, “New Civilization” and "Ethical Activism vs Sheeple"

Would you say #AwesomeTeam is a group?

Part of being a group is simply deciding it is a group and that you are part of
it. To the degree you follow me, you have chosen to be part of the group.
Even if you never do anything, by being my follower, you have grown my
numbers by one. Thank you! Groups are respected in ratio to their numbers
or size.

Are there aspects of #AwesomeTeam you don't know,
don't understand?

If there are, let me know. If you don't understand, don't know, probably others
have the same situation but they haven't yet spoken up. I will attempt to
clarify any point or to give more data as needed.

As a group, a team, what is the game we're playing?

I figure that this can be looked at in three ways with many shades in
between. First and most ideal, is we will actually create a new civilization.
See Articles:
New Civilization,"Governments, Solution For," and Ethical
Activism vs Sheeple.

Next is we are slowing the decline, lessening the depth of the low point and
speeding recovery.         

Finally is we are slowing the collapse so that perhaps we won't hit bottom so
fast  and we will have some sort of a team to start back up assuming we have
an Internet to coordinate with across the globe.

Related article:
Alerting People Beyond #AwesomeTeam.

Is this a "pie in the sky"* idea?

Perhaps it is. But the alternative is to bow to our insane governments, do
nothing and wait on the sky to fall on our heads. I am not the "give up type"
and I know you are not either.

Societies are always pushed forward by a few, carried on the back of a few.
It will take looking at the future, working for it and taking some degree of
responsibility for doing something to create it better than it has been! See my
related articles "
Governments, Solution For," "Ethical Activism vs Sheeple."

Can you ask yourself if there are reasons you would not
like #AwesomeTeam to win?

You have to answer this question. What are we trying to
accomplish? Please see
New Civilization!

Can you make as your own, the goals and purposes of

This means can you take the goals of a New Civilization up as your goal,
something you're willing to work to create? You must do this by your own
decision, your own willingness. You can help by promoting #AwesomeTeam
and @Poet_Carl_Watts.

Are there aspects about #AwesomeTeam that you find
similar to other groups you dislike or distrust?

You have to answer this one too.

Man has been tricked before. I am asking that you look at me, what I've been
tweeting. Compare it with any past groups and their messages. Notice the
differences, similarities and identities (exact sameness).

Know me by my actions.

I'm not asking for your money or your land etc. I am asking that you
commitment to do something positive about the state of the world. Again, if
you haven't yet, read
New Civilization!

Could you ask yourself if there are reason you would not
like to see @Poet_Carl_Watts win?

This question is similar to the previous. Do I look like someone you know or
knew in the past? Have my communications reminded you of someone else?
How about your father or a religious person or a past boss? If so, look at the
differences, similarities and identities.

Are you confusing #AwesomeTeam with an earlier similar
group or team?

Same as previous question. Look at the differences, similarities and
identities. My plan and goals are outlined in
New Civilization. Please read!

Sometimes I wonder if my Questions are being
understood, read, are they?

This question was to get you to communicate more. It was a bit of a
challenge. Too many commit the harmful act of doing nothing including failing
to communicate because it's too much effort (not that any of you are guilty of
this as you've all acted). You can help by Retweeting my content and
recommending your followers follow @Poet_Carl_Watts!

The Strength of Twitter and the Internet

The rapid ability to spread data is a primary strength of the Internet. On
Twitter this is incredibly huge. ReTweets instantly increase the exposure of
data to many.

If you got this as a shout out on Thur/Friday 3/31/11 or 4/1/11, your on my list
of people to promote because at sometime in the past, you have retweeted
my content or in someway promoted me. This means you're alive and care
enough to do something!

I want to mention a person who has been a consistent supporter for the
longest time:
@Yueesei. I want to give her a special thanks for supporting the
#AwesomeTeam! Go ahead and take a second and follow her!

While she doesn't have a huge following, she retweets a lot of my content.
She does so manually. By doing this, it allows me to retweet her retweets
thus doubling the potential that others will get to read the materials.

The POWER of #AwesomeTeam!

You are the power of #AwesomeTeam! It is your communication, passing on
data, good will, cheer and encouragement that helps keep humanity from
giving up. As long as we press up, we will go up. If we stop pushing up, we
will go down.

All movements start with the idea and a few taking action. We are that group.

Use the hash marked term #AwesomeTeam in all your tweets. Play
#FollowFriday to help get yourself and #AwesomeTeam known broadly. We
are making positive impacts! Related article

In closing:

1. Do you want to play? If yes, please read my articles: "Governments,
Solution For," “How I use Twitter & Why,” “New Civilization” & "Ethical
Activism vs Sheeple"

2. Support our efforts by retweeting my content as that you feel are worthy of
being passed on. Recommend your followers follow @Poet_Carl_Watts!

3. If you are willing to do more, let me know and I'll put you on a special list so
that if there is very important data, I can @ you about it ASAP for passing on.
Read related article "
Problem or Solution."

4. To help make the team prominent, do a "Solo ShoutOut #FF" to me. I will
do my best to return based on "
FollowFriday, How to Play."

5. What you can do to help me so I can help you. Recommend your followers
follow me. That will help me grow. As I grow we can approach a

You can always contact me by
@Poet_Carl_Watts or e-mailing me Carl@
carlwattsartist. com (no spaces)

Whatever the future is going to be, we will all be sharing it together with our
families. Win, draw, lose, I will to be able to say that I did my best to make it a
decent world for the future.

Actions You Can Take NOW!

    How about you?

    If you have found this helpful or entertaining,
    don't be shy, hit the donate button. At the very
    least use #AwesomeTeam in your tweets :-)
    See related article POWER!

    Your survival is important to me. I wrote the
    following article to help my family and friends
    survive. If you have time, read it and apply to
    your life what you think is valid and important
    to you.

    Related article What Do You Think?

Should you be curious, I have listed various other points that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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