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I've been playing a game of communication on Twitter since May 2009.
Twitter started March 2006. While I am not really an old timer, I've been
there a long time for Twitter! Twitter is awesomely designed for broad

Twitter's rules are set up to encourage expanding your base of  
“Followers”. “Followers” are people that may see message you post.

On Twitter it is easier to gather more followers than any other social

There are a couple reasons I say this.

First you can follow anyone. They don't have to follow back.

If they don't follow back,

you are listening to them, reading their posts but they aren't listening to you
or reading your posts.

The second reason is you are not limited as to how many you can follow or
have following you. Twitter does have rules as to how fast you can
accomplish this but, within their rules, over a period of time, it is really

Facebook is limited to 5,000 and you can't just ask anyone to be a friend.
Facebook considers that spam. You can have a fan page but so far I
haven't figured out how to get 40,000 fans. I haven't worked at it hard either.

There are many other social networks. I am sure there are others that will
allow expansion. But I haven't found any as simple as Twitter!

For very basic data on Twitter see: See "
How to Start and Grow Twitter,"
Twitter VERY Basic Skills" and "Twitter Abbreviations"


Communication is a two way flow of ideas between one point and another;
between a person and another or a group and a person, etc. But the
important thing to notice is that communication is an “in” and “out” flow, not
just “out” or just “in”!

For example, do you continue to listen to someone that refuses to listen to
you? Usually you will not.

If you want someone to listen, is it only fair that you listen to them
sometimes. Is that correct?

There are some sources of information that simply broadcast data,
information. That would be a new channel or a government issuing orders.

Even Television news channels, newspapers accept editorials. Editorials
would be similar to mentioning someone on Twitter. It's limited.

By mentioning, I mean to add the “@” in front of someone's Twitter name
like @Poet_Carl_Watts. See "
How to Start and Grow Twitter"

A social network is not a news broadcast environment.

The very word “social” involves others, society. “Networking” is not blind
advertising, a one way flow of information that they hope someone will give
attention to.

Not Listening to Others is Bad Manners!

Not listening to someone is telling them: You are not important. What you
have to say is not important! I do not have the time to listen to you. What
you have to say is a waste of my time. I'm more important, already know it

It is remarkably like how congress treats the public after elections!

By not following back, you are failing to grant importance to your fellow
men and women.

Following back is showing respect and is good

There are people I do not follow back because of their offensive actions
and characteristics. Even an offensive picture is enough. I don't need
ugliness or insanity or bad manners added to my day.

If you're a celebrity, how safe do you feel it is to ignore the people that
helped make you a celebrity? Eventually you will cease to be a loved
celebrity. Go out of communication with your public or your career will be
going down!


My purpose on Twitter is to spread truth, knowledge, alerts, protect
freedom, give hope! All this requires communication, open two way
communication. I've given more data on my purpose here:
New Civilization

Help mankind survive by opening up your communication lines to the rest
of the world. By doing this, you will help set a good example for others to
also open their communication lines. It's good manners!

Men and women in good communication do not war and kill each other,
they are friends!

Your refusal to listen to others is cutting the aliveness that you experience
when you communicate.

So if you wish me to follow you, hit that follow button. I normally follow
almost all people back.

Normally, people follow more than they are followed. Twitter is a live group.
Constantly changing.

You are as alive as you can and do communicate. The dead rarely

I want #AwesomeTeam alive! See "#AwesomeTeam Defined".

If you have just gotten behind and it's difficult to catch up, there is software
you can use to catch yourself up on follow back your followers. For
information read
Twitter Advanced tips. Click here.

If you have found this helpful, don't be shy, hit the donate button.

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