#AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion

Hello my friends!

Creating and running
#AwesomeTeam is getting to be almost too much to
keep up with. Last week I was out helping a friend and got so far behind, I
lost ten hours of mentions.

I really do try to get back to everyone that mentions me even though it may
only be a group shout out.

I try to reply to all personally addressed communications.

#AwesomeTeam and Humanity

I don't want to go into the negatives of our currant national and international

But there is hope! If enough people disagree with the negative forces, I
believe we can change the tides.

We are stronger as a group! As a group we are moving towards "

What I would like to do is expand
#AwesomeTeam from thousands to millions.

To do that I need your help! No, I'm not asking for money though I do have a
donate button on my site :-)

#AwesomeTeam and Expansion

What I would like is to have others join me in growing the team so we can
achieve a
New Civilization faster!

I would like to see each area of the planet be ran by a volunteer. This
volunteer should solicit help from his following and further divide his area.
There would be no exclusive areas though the titles will be limited.

I would ask that you play
#FollowFriday with your followers. Don't even
mention me beyond normal.

The idea is not to increase my ranking. The idea is to increase yours!

Create a list of your own or add to an existing list. Promote yourself and add
the appropriate team name such as: #AwesomeTeamAsia,
#AwesomeTeamSA (South America),  #AwesomeTeamEu,
#AwesomeTeamChina, #AwesomeTeamAfrica, #AwesomeTeamAus, and so

Your statistic would be the number of people on your list.

I've created my list by adding anyone who RT's my content, speaks well of
me, puts me in their Daily Newspaper, or gives me
Klout. However, it is up to
you as to who you put on your list.

I'll check with the area leaders each week and ask you what your statistic is.
If you have assistants, I'd like you to contact them for their list totals.

By gathering the statistics from everyone, I'll be able to track our overall

Each week, I will write an article or refresh a previous article. On
#FollowFriday, you're task is to promote that article to your list.

You are not required to promote my articles but that is part of the purpose of
this group: to get truth out there and to create hope. How you do this is open
but if you want to use other articles and send them to #AwesomeTeam I
would like to approve them first until I know your writing stile.

You can also offer article's for me to promote for you. I can not guarantee that
I will do this but I will certainly look and consider. I currently promote several
sources of nutritional data at no compensation to help get the data known.

I will continue to use
#AwesomeTeam with no designation.

Your Part

I know that I'm asking you to work, to promote my articles for no pay. You can
also, if you like, post the articles on your site. Just use the articles without

I believe my articles are informative, accurate, positive and can help people
survive better.

If enough of us create and spread the idea that we CAN DO SOMETHING, it
will create hope! The reverse is doing nothing and becoming apathetic.

For instructions on how to go about helping, the order in which to do things
and what to do read "
How to Assist".  "License to Survive" which anyone can

I'll do all I can to help you.

If you have uncertainties or questions, I'll do what I can to help.

As you agree to help, I'll promote you for just that. On my website, I will post a
list of Twitter names linked to your Twitter account to encourage people to
follow you and simply as recognition for your efforts to help humanity. I'll do
this for the first 10-20. That will literally be limited by the size of the space on
the article pages.

Since this will go out on Friday, as part of
#FollowFriday, it will be first come,
first to select the area you're willing to be responsible for. You can select a
small area also such as #AwesomeTeamLA,CA.

If John Smith want to be #AwesomeTeamUSA and Mike Johnson does too, it
will be given to the first one I get a tweet from. Then we can do EastUS and
WestUS or State by State.

Basically I'd like to create an organization with people taking care of
distributing information to their areas and people.

©2011  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com 8/17/11 edited 072712 091113
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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