How to Handle So Many

I've been asked how I handle so many followers, so many Tweets on my time
stream. To be fully honest, I can't and I don't.

What I am able to do is by prioritizing!

In general, I follow everyone that follows me except: perverts, psychs,
drug pushers and other insane criminals. Also if you are mean, antagonistic,
critical (all are close to being insane etc) as soon as I experience it, I block.

If your picture is grossly ugly or you're trying to be terrifying, I won't follow and
may block you.

I don't need downers on my lines when there are millions of really great
people like you.

So if you find I blocked you, you gave me reason to think you are one of the
above type people.

You can always get a follower to relay me a communication and I'll
re-examine and probably give you another chance. Everyone has bad days.

No one has any right to put their bad day into someone
else's universe.

Your bad day is your problem. If you need assistance, ask. Do not inflict
others! Enough said!

See my article "Who has the Right to Insult You?"

By following almost everyone, I gathered a lot of

These followers are often unqualified, meaning not closely examined. A large
following gives me a quantity of people which increases my chances

of finding really good quality followers like you!

See related article #Power...#AwesomeTeam!

I choose quality followers by their actions.

These are the people I place on my list to promote. I try to help these
people directly.

Of course, my help is open to all my followers but they have to catch my
articles in their streams.

#AwesomeTeam members that are on my list on a word

They may get my articles sent to them from time to time as shout outs!  
That way they are more likely to see my tips! Directly related article: Twitter
People are FAR

I have two articles on this:
How I promote a Page on Twitter
#FollowFriday, How2GetTraffic

Once I have quality followers, like you, #AwesomeTeam, I
can go for a viable group.

By “viable” I mean capable of surviving, aiding survival, valuable.

I wrote two articles:
#AwesomeTeam Defined
New Civilization
Governments, Solution For

Now you understand how I group my followers.

No one is in a lower class or grade and anyone can become very valuable
to me.

Sanity and survival are my guidelines!

So with 41,000 followers at the time of writing, I pay most attention to
@Poet_Carl_Watts mentions and the people who send them. I also track who
ReTweets my contents. (56K as of July 2012) 62k as of Oct 2013)

I put anyone who RT's my content or speaks well of me on my list! Of
course if you're there and don't want to be, please advise so I'm not annoying

If you use #AwesomeTeam and mention @Poet_Carl_Watts, I will attempt
to RT all such tweets :-) See related article #Power...#AwesomeTeam!

My time stream is so active, it is impossible to read.

I've gotten up in the morning with huge numbers of @s to reply to. One
Saturday morning, I had 405 mentions. That takes a long time replying to and
often wins me up in Twitter jail for posting too much too fast. Today, I lost two
hours this morning because of this! Twitter has posting limits. Data on that
given in
Advanced Twitter.

Also because I can rarely view my time line, I don't often RT other's content
unless I'm mentioned. Then I almost always RT it. Most of my 62,000+
followers do not RT me, I understand. But a lot do, that I appreciate.

So I handle my communication, my followers, by
prioritizing: Quantity, Quality, Viability.

Normally, I reply to everyone that mentions me in a tweet at least once.

When there are too many, I narrow this to tweets that specifically
communicate to me.

Recently I went out of town and just warned everyone ahead of time I would
be off line. I could never have gone back and replied to everyone. Twitter
limits the number of tweets and there are only so many hours in the day! I

do enjoy Twitter and #AwesomeTeam!

Also, as I will follow most decent folks, I used to use software to follow back
those that follow me but now its manually done and I do get behind.

As I grow, my ability to create positive impact grows. My ability to promote

you grows. Everyone wins!

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