TwitTip #5 How2See The Tweet They are Replying to
If the tweet is a reply to your tweet, you can click on their tweet and the
original message will appear in the upper fight hand corner.

If it's not a reply, to your message, you will see others mentioned in a shout
out that this tweet is in reply to.

So if you're doing a conversation, always do it by using the reply button. Don't
start a new message if you want the person you're chatting with to see what
you are replying to.

There are potentially 3 Icons in the right hand corner of the tweet. One looks
like a piece of film. It means a video was attached. The next looks like a
conversation bubble from a cartoon. The last on is an arrow pointing to the

If anyone knows the names of these, let me know.

If anyone has a better understanding or know of a web page explaining these,
please let me know so I have accurate information for people.

As far as I can tell, all 3 icons when clicked bring up info from the right hand
panel and merely give you a little advance idea of what's there.

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New Civilization

How I use Twitter & Why

"Tweet Adder*" most recommended software! Carl
(I've been using almost four years. It is a great labor saver! Tweets for me
while I sleep or when I'm away from home! Help me unfollow those that don't
follow me back and more!
"Tweet Adder"!)

* URL Shortening

If you are preparing your tweets in advance, you may want to set up a
shortening service that will take your URL and shrink it down. This allows you
to get more text in the message.

I recommend is.dg. Very fast. You simply drag their logo to your book mark
bar. When you're on a page, click and it will shorten it. Or On
Owly you can enter your URL and the Captcha or login with Twitter. I
recommend logging in. Once logged in, you enter URL and hit "Shrink It" or hit
enter on you keyboard and you get a shortened URL! You can also put their
logo on your book mark bar.

When Tweeting a URL, ensure the full http etc is present. That way the link
with be live. would be live on Twitter.
would not be live and would require people to copy and paste to visit page!

You can drag their logo to your bookmark bar for speed of use.

Man survives best when man is helping man survive! A person is only as
valuable as he helps or assist others! Need some help in life without being
told what to do, what to think,
contact me. Have a great day! Carl

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"Each RT is more valuable than the last. RT please! #Quote #AwesomeTeam"
Carl Watts
. The power of the Internet is the spreading of information. Each RT
spreads information, knowledge, further and further and potentially can circle
the globe and change mankind. This is done by a simple RT by you, helping
mankind. In advance, thanks for helping!*

*The use of a hash mark "#" in front of a word is tracking method. It is used to

establish trends and allows a subject to be located easier. Don't over use
Hash tags. "A hash tag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a
category" p
er Twitter. See full data:

Key to all this is an Internet not controlled by government or a few
corporations. Support and Electronic Frontier

Copyright 9/4/11 Watts  
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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