How I use Twitter & Why

For several years, I have been promoting art, artists,
events, nutrition and ideas.

My promotion has gotten bigger and better each year.

Art has a calming effect on man.

Artists create new worlds, new futures and are far more valuable than
scientists or politicians.

Look at the mess the politicos and "scientist" have gotten us. Big pharma,
international bankers, war, "global warming", "pandemics" etc. I'm not happy
with the use of the atom to blow up civilization nor the direction our
government is going with their compulsion to control our lives.

So I intend to spread good news, nutrition, health, alerts, art, news about
gigs and events, poems, paintings, humor and more.

I do this to help correct, or prevent, further mess ups by politicians, more
oppression planned by big pharma and the international

Increasing communication also help protect freedom
and gives hope. So I help people with Twitter.

I want you to succeed and get huge! If more people are in communication,
we become friends and perhaps together we can prevent the endless wars
for profit! Even if you're a Dem or Repub or scientist! There is good in all of

Communication brings about friendship. Friends do not kill each other or
declare war on each other. Out nations are out of communication. Those
"meetings" they hold are sessions of lies, no real communication, just lips

Unfortunately, meetings of groups, that have no intention of resolving
problems for the greatest good, do not solve problems.

"Each RT is more valuable than the last. RT please! #Quote
#AwesomeTeam" Carl Watts.

The power of the Internet is the spreading of information. Each RT spreads
further and further and potentially can circle the globe and change mankind.
This is done by a simple RT by you, helping mankind. In advance, thanks
for helping! Please see article:
New Civilization.

If you are an artists or know artists, have them contact

I'll help them with their promotion at no cost as best as I can!

Also, being as it's my site, I can promote pretty much anything I like, good
education, nutrition, sanity and so on!

So, I got into
Twitter as a no cost way to promote my site and other
things that I thinks will aid the survival of man.

I freely tell people how to grow Twitter followings at no cost here and
faster at a
very small cost here! If you have questions, I'll happily give you
more data to help you succeed. If you're an advanced Tweeter, I have a
page that might give you some tips!
Twitter Advanced! To the right there
is a list of Twitter related articles and tips

I am only as valuable as I can help others. If you win in life, the earth,
mankind, will be better than if you do poorly!

Twitter is fun and a lot of work. I have met the most interesting people from
all walks of life. Each is trying to survive and to make things better. Only the
insane don't go for this.

I am willing to send out ReTweets for artists, people with
good ideas or good causes.

All you need to do is add @Poet_Carl_Watts to your tweets.

Also, I may choose to embed your pages and promote them on many social
networks. I have thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,
Linkedin, etc. That's a lot of people to get your message, URL, in front of at
no cost!

If you made it this far, I'll give you a couple more tips and suggestions:
@Poet_Carl_Watts tweets go to all your followers and to me directly. I pay
attention to these. You can also look at my page
Twitter Advanced or some
of the others to more information.

If you want to get your data known fast, if you have a Tweet you feel is
important, sent it with an @Poet_Carl_Watts. I will RT all of your messages
if I can. I may get behind, or I may simple disagree, and not be willing to
retweet. But normally, I'm there to pass on your communications. Please
don't abuse my willingness to help. It's completely based on me wanting to
help man.

I normally don't charge to help.

Man survives best when man is helping man survive! A person is only as
valuable as he helps or assist others! Need some help in life without being
told what to do, what to think,
contact me.

*The use of a hash mark "#" in front of a word is tracking method. It is used
to establish trends and allows a subject to be located easier. Don't over use
#s. "A hash tag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a
category" per Twitter. See full data:

Key to all this is an Internet not controlled by government or a few
Support and Electronic Frontier Foundation

©2009  by Carl Watts/  08/09/09 edited 5/12/12
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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