Today, there are many assaults on our rights by the corporations via the government.

Some examples are listed below:

#GMO Genetically modified products are placed in our food without telling us. Genetically modified is harmful to our

#Fluoride The various government agencies promote putting poison in our water supplies: fluoride. That idea was
originated by the Nazi's as a way to keep people under control, weak willed and lacking strength to fight back.

#Chemtrails sprayed over populations with toxic chemicals and organisms repeatedly.

#Drugs The #fda, working for bigpharma and the #ama, attacking nutrition and alternative solutions to illness. Drugs
killing tens of thousands and left on the market while raw milk is attacked.

#Vaccines bill gates and other insane elite are sponsoring mass vaccinations as a method of controlling the
population. Vaccines that not only control but reduce the population.

#Economy Wall Street criminals, the fed and other international bankers, are actively transferring the assets of the
world from the individuals to them. At the same time they are lowering the value of your investments and savings by
pumping trillions of dollars into the bankers pockets creating debt for the future.

They would like mankind to become their serfs.

#Psychology invading the school system and destroying education, teaching man has no spirit or soul.

#Psychiatry is destroying the religions and our civilization with completely unworkable destructive "treatments" of
drugs, electric or other shock and psychosurgery (destruction of part or all of the brain). Psychiatric treatment OFTEN
results in death. They say "if only we had gotten them earlier". I say, that would have meant an even earlier unnecessary
death. The psychs ARE the insane!

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Conflicts on Earth!

Draw your own conclusions.

All of these actions may appear to be unrelated but I do not think that is the case.  

I personally believe it's a coordinated action by the bankers at the direction of the psychiatrists.

Can I prove it? No, not here and now.


The evils listed above would like to issue people their form of a "license to survive". To a large degree, they already do
control your survival in the form of economic duress and a toxic world!

Soon, they hope, O'care will be able take away your license when you're no longer profitable to the system. Too old or if
the procedure is too expensive, you'll get cut off. Your "license to survive" issued by them will be revoked.

#Irrevocable License2Survive

On the other hand, I'll issue you a License2Survive which is non-revocable! I'm going to post in on my website

You may consider this a joke. But has anyone else offered you a license to survive? Has anyone backed you up in
writing? Has anyone else guaranteed to keep working to create a better world for you to survive in with your families?

And I not asking a dime from you ether. When was the last time someone you don't really know offered no strings
attached assistance? I do this daily.

If you want it on paper, make a donation (If I were wealthy, I'd not ask) and I'll print it out and mail and or email it to you.

If you wish just that I grant you a
License2Survive, I'll do so and put your name on my website page as a person Officially
Listed with a

Who put Carl In Charge?

After I wrote his, I figured someone would say "what give him the right to say he can do this" or something similar?

Again, I refer you to my above questions, has ANYONE DONE ANYTHING FOR YOU LATELY?

Simply stated, I assumed the right.

It is my way of taking more responsibility for your survival. Together we have greater hope than we do singly.

This aligns with my plan
New Civilization!

It also is my way of obligating you (not really) into helping. See
#AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion!

Please Read: How To Assist!

If we can impact enough people, perhaps we can turn the tide of darkness into a flood
of light.

See the Roster: License2Survive!

See my page “
#FollowFriday, How To Play

See my page “
#FollowFriday, How to Get Traffic

See my page “
How I promo a Page

Check out my article “
New Civilization” and keep up the positive out flow of smiles and information to
your fellow man.

If you help or can't devote the time, either way, let me know if you need assistance.

I have a page “
Problem Solving” Check out some of my successes.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

©2011  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com 8/25/11
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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