Order of Magnitude!

First let me define “magnitude.” Magnitude is greatness in rank or position,
the size, extent, dimensions, extent of importance or influence.

"Order of Magnitude" is Magnitudes in powers of tens. Ten is a basic order

of magnitude. On hundred is another order of magnitude, ten to the second
power and so on.

A fire that requires one man to handle is a small. A fire that burns for weeks
with ten thousand men working to control it is a much larger order of
magnitude fire! That would be an order of magnitude many times bigger than
a yard fire or even a fireplace.

For more info, click here.

Saving Civilization

To save civilization will require very large order of magnitude of effort by
many people. Those people are you and me:

Our goal is defined and laid out in
New Civilization!

The how to do this is given in
Governments, Solution For and How to Align


Power is the speed of particle flow. It is also the volume of flow.

Think of the water drill of a dentist. Think of a huge river cutting into the

Earth for years. Both are very powerful! Combine them and you have a
tremendous amount of power.  

#AwesomeTeam has a number of stellar supporters! They are too numerous
to mention individually. They know who they are! I have a list of key
supporters on my article
Twitter People are Far Above Average and Why!

But they are only a “hand full” and
#AwesomeTeam needs millions of very
active supporters to achieve the correct order of magnitude and create a

New Civilization.


When looking at making an impact on billions of people, 57,000 can only


But those same 57K
#AwesomeTeam people can promote #AwesomeTeam
and make us grow.

That is what I'm asking.

In my article “
Power...#AwesomeTeam” I ask that #AwesomeTeam and  
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They, ACO1, are
#AwesomeTeam's largest constant supporter of both the
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They deserve a big thanks! So thank you to: #AmberOdycy @ChuckOldman
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Use the hash tag  #AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮ and
ReTweet my contents!

I need your help. Earth and mankind needs your help. Together we can make
an incredible impact. If I can gather 57,000 followers so can all of you.

If 57K people gather 57K people and all RT'd a tweet, we could potentially
reach 3.2 billion people. The other half of the planet doesn't use computers.

So you need to grow. I will help. I have many pages to help guide you to
expansion. I wrote them to share the secrets I've learned. They aren't really
secrets. They are things that work and also advice on what not to do.

Your help will be creating a
New Civilization. I've described what I believe
would be a very livable civilization in my article New Civilization.

Your cooperation on using #AwesomeTeam #ACO1♥:-) and Retweeting my
contents will help achieve a
New Civilization.

Further you can speed the process by helping handle our governments! How
to do this easily is explained in my article
Governments, Solution For!

Assistance for You!

I fully believe and try to always practice helping my followers. I have an article
on this and how it works:
Assistance or Help.


I try to acknowledge all people that mention me or that Retweet my tweets.
Due to the volume, sometimes I fail at this. Life outside of Twit demands I be
away. Just know that I'm not neglecting you if I fail to respond. I'm sure you've
observed that actions in the physical universe takes time.

In advance, thank you for your past support and your future support.
#AwesomeTeam  #ACO1♥ is the best. See related article
Twitter People are
Far Above Average

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