POWER... #AwesomeTeam

A group is measured by its numbers or members.

To create impact, a group needs to be large. Name a group you respect. Is it

Name a small group. How does it compare with the large group?


All throughout my life, I've ignored trends to a great extent.

Hair styles, clothing, activities, and so on have been observed but I rarely

I was a loner. I consider this good as it kept me out of the wrong crowds (it
kept me out of the right crowd too :-)

But that was when I didn't know how to keep my personal integrity in rock
solid. Now I do.

Now I wish to create a real survival trend and need a large group! See why:
New Civilization!

#AwesomeTeam As a Trend

Use of the hash mark and #AwesomeTeam can create a trend.

#AwesomeTeam only exist as an idea, it is difficult to create statistics
that can measure it.

But if enough of you use
#AwesomeTeam in your tweets, it will trend. That
will get noticed.

Also, use it in communications to your government and to corporations. Use
on your emails, letters, when you mail letter or payments. Just write
#AwesomeTeam on the communication. See article specifically related to this
and why to do this:
Governments, Solution For!
Problem or Solution!

That will get you followers and build our power.

I will try to RT any tweet that you mention
@Poet_Carl_Watts and
#AwesomeTeam in. If you don't mention me, the odds are I may not see your
tweet. Also, sometimes I get so behind, I can't get to every mention. I've woke
up to 403 mentions after 7 hours sleep :-) Nice problem!

#ACO1♥ #ACO2♥ #Odycy♥

#ACO1♥ DEFINITION: " #ACO-1"=amber carpa onramp
http://amber-carpa-onramp.weebly.com/. #ACO2 is the second phase of
their creative journey. #Odycy is an over cover hash tag Which I am now
using to support them.

I include #Odycy in my tweets because they are d using #AwesomeTeam in
all there tweets. They do a lot of tweets.

So they are helping me big time! It only seems fair to support them back.

So I'd like to give a special thank you to the  #ACO1♥ #AmberOdycy crew:  
@ChuckOldman @LeslieMostrup @KeeraMcKinney @LaniOsterman
@CammyTheriault @kat_currie @LizzyTamblyn @RodgerGoodrich
@BrittanyDerby @WebmasterRidge @illyria_blue @KarenSpurlin
@CeeCeeMarion @AmberOdycy @EmocyPictures @omnidiam
@GiseldelAmico @Ambertarian @Channel_89 @TWYRAH
@Light4Darkness and probably many more I missed!


#FollowFriday is one of the most consistently broadly used hash marked term.

#AwesomeTeam via @Poet_Carl_Watts ranks very well in the USA each
week thanks to many people mentioning me. In turn, I mention all that
mention me and I include #FF to help them get a ranking.

Your mentions of me using #FF or #FollowFriday, helps get

How to play the game is spelled out on my page
#FollowFriday, How to Play.


As I outline in my article New Civilization, we need to create a huge positive

A simple way to help is to add the hash marked term “#AwesomeTeam“ to
your tweets will help.

I do appreciate your support!

Please see my article
New Civilization for more information.

In advance, thank you for helping humanity by increasing our positive impact!

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