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How to Use Twitter (Tips)
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Let me know if you find these interesting or useful :-)

There are a few things I've observed that others may not have figured out.

Here are two points for today:

Tip #1 How to Block RTs

If you get a lot of RTs from someone and don't want them but you want to follow
them, you can block the RTs from that person.

Click on the person's name which will bring them up on the right hand side of
your page.

Next to the “Following” button, there are two small icons.

The first button has to do with receiving notices on your phone. Personally I
don't use this as I don't wish to get Tweets on my phone.

The second button is normally green and has a couple arrows forming a circle.
This button controls if you will see the RTs from someone or not. If you click this
button, you will no longer get the RTs that are done via the RT button. It applies
to automatic RTs. Meaning they just hit the RT button just below a tweet.

Manually posted RTs, I believe, will still appear. I haven't tested this.

Give it a try, you can change it back if you like.

Tip #2 How I Rapidly Gain High Quality Followers

I have had others disagree with this but I still believe it works extremely well for
getting great followers.

What I do, when I can keep up with the volume of shoutouts, is to follow
everyone recommended to me in a shoutout.

There are some exceptions as I don't knowingly follow hypnotists, psychs, drug
pusher, porn or other people I consider insane or evil. There are so many great
people I don't need those that are insane or out to harm their fellow man.

After following them, I retweet the shoutout automatically.

If there were a majority of new people I just followed, I also reply leaving all
names in place and state I am following all.

If you can't follow more at this time, after you retweet the shoutout, manually ask
the ones you're not following to help you break the 2001/1800 barrier. Many will
help. I have a tip written on how to break the 2001 barrier.
Click to read!

It is work but it is fun and I meet great people who are active. People get
mentioned because they are active. I want to follow active people.

I am growing my following so that I can push forward my plan as outlined in
New Civilization

I hope these tips help.  See
Twitter Tips #3 and #4 by clicking here.

There is a lot of data on Twitter available by following the links at the top left
hand of this page :-)

If you have a question, I can't guarantee I can answer, but ask and let me see if
I can!

I'll try to do a couple more next week! Next week, "How to See Automatic
Tweets" and "How to Get Others to Mention you!"

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7/22/11: Note article
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